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We are all Queens. Kweens are us. Kweens r us.

Sinéad O’ Grady is a visual artist based in San Diego, California. Her work explores the societal obsession with perfection and the over-sexualization of the female form. There are undercurrent themes of female empowerment, body positivity, and erotica within her work. Sinéad's art is a meditation on self-empowerment and self-love: she takes her personal insecurities and imperfections and uses them as her muse. Her focus is on making these ‘imperfections’ beautiful, provocative and sexy. Through her expressionist art, she has learned to profoundly love herself and wholeheartedly accept her body.

After starting this personal project last year, Sinéad has found a new passion in Art Therapy. Aside from her own work, she volunteers weekly with children in San Francisco offering them support while collectively exploring visual art as a means of self-expression. She believes that using a creative outlet to channel your emotions, fears, insecurities, fantasies, and dreams will ultimately give you a stronger sense of confidence and self-love.

Sinéad O’ Grady



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