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Dear art friends and art lovers, I am Lena Snow, the founder of the Goddessarts Magazine. With this magazine we want to give artists from all over the world the possibility to show their art and for people to get to know you and your story. Everyone is welcome: self-taught, beginners, emerging, mid-career, established, young, old.

This platform is run by artists for artists, and we understand ourselves as a community that embraces art and wants to connect with artists all over the world and bring them together.

We know that the art world can be difficult and exploitative. For this reason, we would like to establish warm, honest, appreciative and long-term contacts. Our goal is also to continuously develop Goddessarts Mag and support artists the best way we can.

This magazine wants to focus on colorful, cheerful, energetic, powerful, and empowering art. With your accounts and your art, we aim to encourage people, give them support and make them feel welcome, respected, and valued. We hope that you discover a new favorite artist, submit your own work, or learn something new that can empower you on your creative journey. 

Moreover, we aim to bring your art and story in front of a broad audience. Our magazine can be read online and in print and is accessible to everyone. On social media we promote your feature, art, and personal story, where we reach thousands of people. Our website also showcases your art by giving the artists a permanent voice in our blog section, and by presenting selected artists in our online gallery. With our virtual 3d exhibitions, we give artists an affordable and practical opportunity to present their works to a global audience without having to ship them.


What makes the Goddessarts Magazine different

Our contribution to society:


We believe that art forms your character and has the power to make us more sensitive, more open-minded and more attentive. Because we feel that it is the responsibility of everyone to contribute something to the world, no matter how small, we are also inviting humanitarian and environmental organizations to inform the community about their work and projects. We also learned that giving back is a priority for us and we are passionate about donating to good causes in support of our society.

With every issue and that means with every submission, we have been able to support humanitarian organizations. With our first issue we supported the female rights organization Terres des Femmes, with our second issue we could help Plant for the Planet to realize re-forestation projects and with our third issue we decided to contribute a share to Handicats, an institution specialized in helping and taking care of disabled, injured, and violated cats.

Also, we decided to donate all proceeds of issue IV to a trustworthy orphanage in Freiburg, Germany (Kinderheim Freiburg) who takes care of orphaned children of the Ukraine. For a long time now, we have been cooperating with "Art to Healing", that supports women suffering from trauma due to physical and psychological abuse and trauma from sex trafficking.

Following the recent events in Iran, the Goddessarts Magazine donated the proceeds of issue 6 and 7 to the NGO Center for Human Rights in Iran. On occasion of the Women’s Month March and the International Women’s Day, we decided to support UNFPA (the United Nations Population Fund) for women with issue 8 and 9. With our past issues 10, 11 and 12, we decided to give the proceeds to the humanitarian organization PCRF – the Palestine Children’s Relief Fund.


Moreover, we have been working together with other artists and curators who organized wonderful projects on important topics, such as “Art for Freedom and Peace” (curated by the Italian artist Corrado Leoni), “The International Women’s Day Project” and “Women. Life. Freedom” project (curated by the German artist Vanessa Wenwieser).

Our contribution to a diverse and creative world:

Unlike many other art platforms, we appreciate art as form of universal expression and embrace the process and story behind every artist’s creation and journey. We do not understand ourselves as elitist venue, but as appreciative and embracing community. Therefore, we have also made it possible for artists living in politically unstable countries, fleeing war, or living in countries that have imposed international restrictions, to showcase their art for free.


The Goddessarts Magazine has featured incredible, powerful, and most inspiring artists from all over the world and our creative community is continuously growing.

Artists have contributed immensely by telling their unique, honest, and empowering stories, thereby giving other artists insights, inspiration, and the feeling of empowerment. Another beautiful effect we could notice is that many artists started to discover fellow artists, followed them, and kept supporting them, sometimes even started a collaboration.

We have received many kind, warm and appreciative messages and we have had many wonderful conversations, either via e-mail, chat or even voice message. We learned that several artists got interviews by other magazines or blogs because they were discovered on our page, and we got the feedback that through our community creatives got new ideas or inspirations for other projects. This amazing snowball effect has been going on and will continue thanks to your contribution.

About the founder

I am a fine artist, teacher and writer based in Germany. I am specialized in female portraiture with my main medium being paper where I explore various aspects of femininity. My inspiration are personal stories of women, but also female characters in mythology, film, and literature.

My personal path has been anything but easy. The fact that I had to endure a tough and violent childhood affected and shaped my art. Yet, it was equally the process of emancipation and self-reliance that contributed to an elevation of my creativity. I have often felt disconnected and alone, but somehow Nature, and especially my creative Nature, was always there to comfort me and help me to carve out ways of surviving.

I actually studied to become a teacher, but that path has turned out to be unfulfilling and disappointing. After years of mentally and physically suffering in that job, I turned to art more and more, finally facing a turning point during Corona. At that time, I had the idea to bring the Goddessarts Magazine to life and to connect with artists more.

Not knowing how this adventure would turn out first, I finally had the opportunity to dive deeper into the art world, see a plentitude of art, read about it and the best of all – get to know the real artists behind their wonderful creations.

Feel free to connect with me on social media @lenasnowart or via my website:

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