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The     Goddessarts      Grant

This grant is a quarterly grant for artists all over the world. The aim of this grant is to especially help artists in need and those who are not yet well established with a fixed and safe income.


Who is eligible?


Everyone can apply: young, old, self-taught or not, every background and ethnicity is welcome.

Artists in any medium can apply.

How does the grant work?

In comparison to other grants, we want to make the process transparent. Therefore, we will give regular announcements on our social media and website about how much is in the grant pot. The grant will be given in full to one or more artists, depending on how many people apply. We want to point out here, that the Goddessarts Magazine does not take any of the amount that goes into the pot!

Please also note, that when you pay the small contribution, the GA Magazine will not receive the full amount, since there are always transaction fees when using paypal or credit card. For example, if you pay 15 €, we will receive 14,22 € that can go into the grant pot.

How can artists participate?

In order to be considered, you have to contribute 15 € into the grant pot.

You should have a platform, where we can see your body of work: website, social media (you can write those in the form when contributing the fee, or you can also write us an e-mail:

Next deadline is August 31!

You can contribute via the button below or you can send the amout via PayPal to: 


The grant recipient or recipients will also get a free feature in our Goddessarts Magazine.

Our first circle started in April and ended in July. Our first grant winner was Andrea Guzzetta (IG: @andreaguzzetta).

Our sencond grant winner was Cameron Lings (IG: cameron_lings_)

We are looking forward to supporting as many of you as we can!

GA Magazine

Andrea Guzzetta

Cameron Lings

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