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Open Call for solo
virtual exhibitions

(Please read carefully through!)

About our virtual exhibitions:

Everyone is welcome to apply, regardless of your background and stage of career.

Submission is always free, and only after we send you a confirmation, you will be asked to pay a participation fee.

Please note that there are several options you can choose from to offer you the best and most suitable package of your choice.

Our solo virtual exhibitions will run for at least one month. The open call is ongoing, and you can apply any time.

We accept all kinds of art except video.

Theme for the exhibition is open! 

Please find all 3 options for the solo virtual exhibition below.


Your benefits:

You can present 30-40 artworks!

The exhibition will be accessible for everyone around the world 24h for one whole month.

The exhibition will be promoted on various channels (our website, social media, art.spaces, newsletter) to gain maximum exposure and reach as many people as possible.  

100% of any possible sales will go to the artist.

You can save transportation costs, time-consuming handling, and packing, as well as possible damage that might occur during a physical exhibition.

You can add the exhibition to your portfolio.

Submitting is always free: you only pay if we confirm your submission and therefore no money is thrown out the window!

You can combine the solo virtual exhibition with a feature in the magazine and/or an exclusive interview (see options below).

How to apply:

IMPORTANT: Always submit first (free submission) till we get back at you!​

- simply send us a link to your portfolio/website/social media so we get an impression of your art

- DON'T send us your pictures or portfolio via e-mail attachment! 


Option 1:  solo virtual online exhibition & magazine feature & exclusive interview (230€)

-        solo virtual online exhibition for at least 1 month

-        potential sales go 100% to the artist

-        30-40 artworks will be chosen for the virtual exhibition

-        feature in the magazine with a double page (and the chance to be chosen on the cover pages by the editor)

-        extensive interview which will be permanently on our website & promoted

-        extensive promotion on social media and other channels


Option 2: solo virtual online exhibition & magazine feature (215€)

-        see all of the above mentioned, except for the interview


Option 3:  solo virtual online exhibition only (199€)

-        see all of the above mentioned, except for the interview & magazine


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Thank you!

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