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The meaning of existence

For me, creative activities have been the happiness of my soul. Ever since childhood, I have wondered about my own existence. Why was I born into this world, and where is the place of my consciousness in the vastness of the universe? For example, the border between my fingers and the surrounding space is like a white, transparent membrane. There are many such wondrous things. Ever since I became old enough to understand things, I have wondered every day why I was born and why I am here. However, I inevitably learned the answer from the recent world situation. Creative activities and art are essential in this world.

Since I was in my teens, I have been involved in web design, DTP design, core system development, interactive movie production, game production, and app development. I actually had very little time for graphic design. I mostly spent my time working simultaneously on various tasks across different fields, and by developing an ability to multi-task from this challenging work, I was able to amplify my different capabilities and create a synergistic effect between them. Among the greatest influences on my work have been the words of people I encountered through these various experiences, the wisdom I have inherited from them, as well as the countless simple tasks that I have repeatedly undertaken with my own body and senses. Everyone I have met until now has given me tremendous emotional support and played a part in pushing me beyond my limits.

Title of work: Condolences / 悼む

Year of creation: Jul 2020

Dimensions: 73 x 58 cm (Height x Width)

Medium: Digital Media

Technique: Photo collage

This artwork was created out of the heartfelt condolences of people all over the world. The sorrow of the bereaved families of those who died from infectious diseases is immeasurable. However, I believe that all of them have fulfilled their lives and passed away in heaven. I am sure that those who have passed away are very worried about their bereaved families. It is the hearts of the bereaved that should truly mourn, and it is the suffering of those who must continue to live in this world that must be brought to Buddhahood. Heaven is a land of everlasting abode, and this world is indefinite, meaning that nothing remains the same. God created this world so that people's spirits can learn what is important. All those who have lived out their lives are equally surrounded by God's love and have returned to the fountain of the divine soul. Eternal peace is promised to all people in this world, and God exists eternally and unchangeably as the place to your eventual return.

Masaki Hirokawa

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