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The Future of Art

Christine Williams is a Maryland based poet, author, performance artist and award-winning visual artist. She is also a self-proclaimed “yarnist” (artist that works with yarn). If this word catches on, don’t forget that you heard it here first. She got her start in the arts by coincidence, however, people say there are no coincidences in life and that things happen for a reason. Although she always appreciated art, her deep passion for it just started to develop in the past year.

One day Christine’s friend showed her a paint by numbers kit. Christine thought, “I can paint that by free hand.” And so, she did. After that she started creating other paintings. One day she walked in the dollar store (her favorite store) and noticed some yarn. She purchased a couple skeins of yarn in different colors and randomly got the idea to braid them together. After braiding several pieces of yarn, she glued them on a canvas. It was then that the “yarnist” was born.

While Christine uses paint and fabric in some of her art, her favorite medium to work with is yarn on canvas. She appreciates patterns and making various shapes by mixing colors of yarn and making a work of art. Sometimes Christine dedicates time to brainstorm ideas for her next piece. She will turn off the tv and sketch things in her little art pad in complete silence so that she can focus. Other times ideas just flow into her head. She always gets excited thinking about what she will create next. To her, there is something incredibly beautiful about having a design concept and following through to execution. Sometimes her pieces evolve as she is doing them. While she is working sometimes there is a need for her to “take away this” and “add some of that”. Christine allows herself to pivot and adjust her designs as necessary. She loves that as the artist she makes the decision on what gets produced and how. She loves the autonomy that art gives her. After finishing pieces, Christine feels a great since of pride and gratitude to God for giving her so much undeniable talent.

Creating art is therapeutic for her. However, Christine’s work doesn’t just benefit her, it benefits all who view it. Research has proven that art can have a direct impact not only on the creator, but the viewer as well. Art has been known to help relieve stress, lower depression levels, and help to enhance critical thinking skills. Her work definitely does all of those things and is a benefit to the art community. She likes seeing how her work excites her family and causes them to try to figure out how she created her art, like it is some sort of brain puzzle. It is her desire for her work to invoke both happiness and creativity in people. She wants her work to be an inspiration to others to pursue their dreams and to reassure them that the sky is the limit.

In her career she has taught various art classes including, basket weaving, pottery, African jewelry/beads, African print making, calabash bowl making, and drum making, just to name a few. Christine enjoys teaching children art and helping them to express their creativity. Seeing the students so proud and elated from finishing a piece really makes her day. Teaching art and making it is her passion.

Some of her work has been featured at the 2021 Roco 6 x 6 exhibit at the Rochester Contemporary Art Center in Rochester, New York and online through the Las Laguna Art Gallery. Christine’s art has also been showcased with the Prince George’s Parks and Recreation, ACHD Visual Arts Program. She is currently preparing for her first solo exhibition and can’t be more excited. You can find her work in multiple international publications, and she has won an award for one of her pieces. Her work is also featured in private collections throughout the country.

Christine’s future is bright. She is truly as unique and bold as the art she creates. Look out world, Christine is here! She is clearly about to be famous!

Christine Williams

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