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Painting Soul Road Maps

I'm Gioia, Italian artist living in South of France. I paint since always but my path has been all but a straight line.

Do you know when something feels absolutely right for you no matter "logical" or rational explanation? When somethings deeply moves you even before your rational mind has her word to say (for once!) Sometimes it's easy to recall it in major life's moments.

Take one of those moments, close your eyes and follow your breath's flow. Put attention to your nostrils. Go at the chest's level in the middle, close to where your heart is. Stay there for a while, quiet your mind that always has something to say, stay there and dive in one of these moments. Go there and stay. Words may take slightly shape but it's not your mind that produce them. It's something deeper and truer. These words (or even images) have a special lightness, come from the deepest you despite wherever situation you're experimenting at the moment. They resonate with a vibration in your body that you may feel clearly. That's your soul's vibration.

It's more than a feeling, it's almost magical, very often forgotten but always there for each one of us. I say that I paint soul's movements because I want to remember this and embody the soul in this world where I came to evolve like each one of us. Discover, recognizing and taking practice in resonating with the soul changes radically a lot the everyday life and our attitude. This is where true revolution lies.

This upper level of perception has characterized all important moments in my life. Like when, very young, I decided in five minutes to go to art school when I actually did already enroll in another education path and told my parents to change my registration. Like when I decided to leave Italy where I had family, friends, job and so on, without knowing English, to go to small Isle of Man (UK) with my (at that time) boyfriend, leaving a path that was apparently clear and traced.

Like when I went back painting after many years of untrusting myself and faking that I wasn't interested in it anymore. Once again it took five minutes to turn my life upside down and grab the brushes and canvas that were living in a corner for years. There was no just no question. Sometimes your soul has to speak very loudly.

Sometimes people walk far beside from it all their life. In my painting I follow that thin thread that links us to the soul and walk there through intuitions and open heart. The « Soul road maps » definition came naturally and sounds appropriate. Sometimes is an everyday fight because the world we're in seems quite going in a opposite direction. I'm sure you can relate to it.

But nothing is random, even difficulties you're experimenting in your life. Try to ask yourself what you didn’t get yet. My experience is that life presents you with the same lesson over and over until you get it. The possibilities are endless as the soul is.

I hope to inspire you by starting to remember yours.

From my soul to yours.

Gioia Albano






twitter username : @GioiaAlbanoArt

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