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Metacubism and Post Human Art

I have been interested in art since the age of fourteen. At first I was more interested in theatre so I gained qualifications to be an actor as well as director. But while I was working on sets I began to develop an interest in visual arts. My first works were post minimalist. These days I am an interdisciplinary artist. I believe my greatest achievements are participation in the Florence biennale, an installation called Metamodernist Everyday Contemplations and winning photography biennale. I work with four styles: metacubism, metaconceptual design art, post document art and post human art.

Metacubism is an art form which goes beyond cubism while retaining its elements. Elements of meta cubism can become elements of any other art. Meta cubism does not copy elements of other art styles, but recreates them. Meta cubism works are created by both humans and artificial intelligence. Meta cubism does not define the boundaries of its style because it does not know what elements will be integrated. Meta cubism reserves the right to integrate some elements and not others. And reject the previously integrated ones and find new ones or return to the old ones.

Metaconceptual design art is an art form which takes any design object, e.g. a mug, and describes it in two ways. One description is meant to describe what it is? The other description is: what could be done with this object? The object next to each description is interactive, a person can pick up the object, they can do something with it according to the task given in the second document, they can come up with something of their own. The aim is to remember the object by passing it through all the sensory points - the sensors.

The goal of post document art is to create objects. The documents that appear before, during, or after the action/event, the testimonies of that action, become art objects that can be presented, exhibited, shown, and seen as separate works of art for an extended period of time. In other words, an art object inspires the creation of other art objects. And what remains after the actual works of art have vanished? Photographs and numerous other testimonies about that art object are still available. In conceptual art, the object is not created, but rather described. What is extremely important?

The goal of post-art document art is to elicit certain thoughts and emotions. When we examine the surviving documentation of art objects, certain thoughts arise, and if the object is well made/created, it naturally evokes emotions, such as a beautifully written text or a souvenir based on an art object.

Post human art is an art form which is created by the artificial intelligence "machine" for humans and tries to influence them with the works it creates. A completely new culture is emerging - the first culture that is not created by humans. All cultures on Earth are created by humans. And this is the first culture that is not created by humans but by artificial intelligence. Something else whose potential has not yet been fully explored and exploited. Or is it using us? This new AI culture is shaping other values and introducing them to people, in other words, acting on people. But are these values useful to man? This culture influences human emotions. The art of artificial intelligence is influential. Why? Because humans are controlled through language and images. Language and image are the basis of any culture. These new images created by artificial intelligence, this new language, are changing our perception of the world. This is why the name "POSTPOST HUMAN ART"/ POSTPOST HUMAN ART and culture.

I believe that you can only achieve great art via doing. When you do something, when you use a certain technique that technique can create something else. You need to create and recreate an art piece even though it looks good because always you can discover something new. I create through thinking rather than intuition. My most difficulty is when I am working with several pieces of art and one of them demands more time than I can give due to deadlines.

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