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Magic Sounds expressed in color codes and floral formations.

I always loved to dive deep, deep into experiences and into the wonder of life, until I came to the point of looking behind the physical form and exploring the invisible. How it came that I chose painting as my number one expression for what I discovered and felt I do not know. But since the very beginning it gave me a space of inner peace and a centered state of being in a kind of undisturbed, blissed flow of receiving and passing on.

In college I was famous for my paintings, which my arts teacher exhibited all over the place. But still in search of understanding the world, I choose to study Psychology first, before switching over to my second love: Arts and Design.

Still discovering the invisible turned out to be a constant thread through out my life and fed me with continuous inspiration. Years of self study in spiritual philosophy followed. My experience and work as a designer and the interaction with my clients initially leaded to creating artworks that explored the activating effects of symmetry and holistic geometry patterns on the viewer. I created a great lot of personal geometric signets for my clients and gave birth to a series of very powerful artworks: the symbols of „SOUL QUALITIES“

Till then I did not dare to show up as an artist with my artworks. I considered them as too spiritual and too colorful to be shown publicly. I was afraid of coming out as spiritual and sharing my inner experience of beauty. I was stopping the flow.

Not even considering to show up with my artworks, it happened very unexpectedly. It must haven been an instruction of my subconsciousness that made me wake up one morning speaking clear words: „Show it or stop it.“ I had not even a bit of a choice. I knew my inspiration and enthusiasm would fade away if I disobeyed and my life would be poor and grey. „Show it or stop it.“

I believe in creating. I believe that we are not meant to work hard for what we really wish to create. Universe will arrange things if you are open for them and creating in flow is something else than working. So I made the right decision and things started rolling almost by itself.

By accident I had a first art exhibition in a well know gallery near by and following I got an incredible offer: I was invited by one of the most well-known and successful Mantra Bands in the world to paint the healing spirit of old Vedic Mantra Music at a big international live Festival in Greece. It was a challenge to paint life within hundreds of people, staying connected and focused to one thing only. But the tones and sound were carrying me safely. This experience opened new doors in my body, mind, spirit and life. The Mantras provided me with greater gain and an undreamed-of extension of universal wisdom and healing power. While painting, it was floating directly through me. A new area of painting began.

Until then my interest for the invisible had leaded me through year of study of energetic healing techniques and developing a subtle perception. I could feel the different energies and power in each of the mantras and was flashed by the inspiration. But for live painting I had to developed and evolved to an even more comprehensive and above all fast & easy paintable visible language: Including my explorations on colour codes, I started using floral patterns as a kind of language to implement the information flowing through me and into my pictures. Still using my knowledge how to enabled the activation of physical and transient energies through my artworks.

More exhibitions followed, before interesting times stopped the flow again. Time to find stillness and time for inner development. I feel a new series of artworks arising now. It will certainly be about the immense beauty of Mother Earth, the Joy of Life and the beauty within all of us.

For all of you looking at my artwork: I hope to bring that healing Mantra frequencies and all the beauty I find behind the visible right into your heart and system by viewing my paintings and enjoying their radiance.

Ava Chiba



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