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Expressing fragility and resilience within natural forms

Interview with Rodrigo Franzao

1.      Please tell us something about your background and your art journey so far.

My artistic journey began with a profound fascination for human behavior, stemming from my academic pursuits in Literature and Arts. This foundation provided me with a rich understanding of narrative structure and symbolism, which I seamlessly integrated into my artistic endeavors. Building upon this knowledge, I pursued further education in Museology, Art History, Psychopedagogy, and Art Therapy, which broadened my perspective on the intersection of art and society. Founding the Virtual Textile Museum, Museu Têxtil, and InTheArts magazine served as milestones in my career, allowing me to not only showcase my own work but also to contribute to the global dialogue surrounding textile and mixed media art.

2.      Can you tell us more about the theme in your art and your inspiration?

The theme that permeates my art revolves around the intricate relationship between humanity and nature. Inspired by philosophical and psychological principles, I aim to shed light on the consequences of human actions on the natural world. My work serves as a testament to the silent suffering endured by nature, urging viewers to contemplate their role in preserving the environment. Through various mediums such as textiles, mixed media, painting, and video art, I seek to evoke empathy and introspection, prompting viewers to reflect on the interconnectedness of all elements of our planet.

3.      Tell us about your best experience in the art world so far.


One of the most rewarding experiences in my art journey thus far has been the opportunity to exhibit my work in diverse locations across the globe. Whether it be in individual exhibitions or collective showcases, each instance has allowed me to engage with different audiences and spark meaningful conversations about the themes explored in my art. Moreover, being able to contribute to prestigious public collections such as the National Arts Clubs in New York and the Exhibition Center Odivelas Museum in Lisbon has been a humbling validation of my artistic vision.


4.      What practical advice can you give to fellow artists?


My practical advice for fellow artists would be to stay true to your artistic voice and convictions. Embrace experimentation and don't be afraid to push the boundaries of conventional mediums and techniques. Additionally, cultivating a strong online presence through social media platforms and digital portfolios can greatly expand your reach and connect you with like-minded individuals and opportunities. Lastly, remember to prioritize self-care and maintain a healthy work-life balance to sustain your creative energy in the long run.


5.      What are you working on at the moment and are there any upcoming events you would like to talk about?


Currently, I am immersed in a new series of artworks that delve deeper into the theme of humanity's relationship with nature. These pieces explore the juxtaposition of fragility and resilience within natural forms, inviting viewers to contemplate the beauty and vulnerability of our planet. While there are no specific upcoming events to announce at the moment, I am continuously seeking opportunities to share my art with audiences around the world, whether it be through exhibitions, collaborations, or digital platforms.


Instagram: @rodrigo.franzao

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