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Exploring inner landscapes of dreams, folklore, and fairy tales

Interview with Chimera Creatrix Studios

  1. Please tell us something about your background and your art journey so far.

A number of years ago I was invited to model for seamstresses wanting to showcase their work. This notion was intriguing as I am not the typical fare that one might see as a model. I am an introvert and work in a day job where I research. I am also a woman over 40 years of age, full figured, and I am short by comparison to the leggy, lean figures with boyishly, flat features traversing catwalks and magazine covers in popular culture.

The model experience of exploring a new state of presenting myself in costumes, decorated with baubles, beads, and natural elements, was fantastical. I loved this aspect. However, I soon did not feel I could embody the women I was being asked to convey.

I wanted to develop my own characters modeling perspectives of life that I wanted to explore. And so I did. This became the day Maris Corde was born.

My partner started his journey from a lifelong love of mythology, folktales and humanity’s expression of magic and the divine.  His efforts in drawing or writing poetry never seemed to satisfy him though.  It was only later in  his adult life that he discovered that photography could be approached as artistry with light.  Mixing color, light, and shadow to convey a story has become his favorite medium of expression.  Still, he does not feel it comes naturally to him.  He often contends that his brain understands the world through stories the way that numbers describe the world for scientists. So, while symbolic thought comes easily to him, technically reproducing the language into a visual medium is very challenging.  Even if it is often an uphill battle, it remains one of the most meaningful in his life. 

2. Describe what a normal day looks like as an artist.

A normal day is one where we are absorbing ideas while multitasking.  A lot of research and planning go into selecting colors, props, lighting, and costuming for each Chimera Creatrix shoot. Most days are not shoot days. We spend time writing posts for our patrons on Patreon, creating social media posts promoting our images, as well as curating mood boards on Pinterest for most of our shoot concepts.  We visit craft fairs and oddities markets looking for inspiration as well as props. We both spend a lot of time reading stories both fiction and non-fiction, in addition to researching folklore of all kinds.

In the evening, my partner and I like to take walks where we brainstorm on ideas and solutions. It is the mixing of our differing perspectives where the magic happens.

3. Can you tell us more about the theme in your art and your inspiration?

Our creative studio – Chimera Creatrix Studios – specializes in creating images, from concept to completion, that merge the mythical with the present.

We explore the inner landscape of our dreams filled with folklore characters, fairy tales, and ballads of the past and envision our own characters as merging these aspects. Much like oracles of our ancestors they become the way-showers of life through the telling of darker stories and forbidden realms of life that have been tucked away in the shadows.


Together, my partner and I create women who come to rescue the psyche of the world. Our creations are voices of the silenced and the warriors. And they live within each of us.

4. How does your art life impact other parts of your life?

It means any interesting bit of home decor or costuming is a potential prop.  Likewise, any trip we take could give us ideas for a new project, or provide a location we want to use in a future shoot.  Beauty and inspiration can be found just about anywhere.   Our acquisition of props does, though, create a tension between hoarding and having an eclectic home decor. Some spaces, especially my office, store costumes and props of all kinds. Honestly, my office looks a bit like an imaginarium - feathered wings and masks on the walls, swords in the hallway, sarees draped on hooks, shelves filled with headdresses.

While my partner and I certainly approach things from different angles, art has become something that allows us to better connect.  It influences the entertainment we watch and the outings we plan for ourselves.  In the darker days of the pandemic it helped us remain sane.  Even during lockdown there were always new projects to hash out and novel ideas to explore.  Instead of worrying about the troubles in the world we could think about how we could make life a more magical experience.

5. What are you working on at the moment and are there any upcoming events you would like to talk about?

Currently we are working on making some of our images available as limited edition tarot cards. On the slate for 2024 are a number of projects including a unicorn, the five of cups, as well as a collaborative project tentatively titled “In these Shoes”.


Chimera Creatrix Studios

Instagram: @chimeracreatrixstudios

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