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Evgenii 'Jenya' Stashkov. Infantile surrealism as homage to the experiences of children's liturgy

Jenya is a Russian-based artist and theater practitioner. He is involved in a wide range of visual arts and initiates a variety of avant-garde cultural projects. His artistic style can be characterized by the following epithets: fluid, naive, surreal, bright, ornamental, organic, mystical, expressive. Jenya's artworks have been exhibited and published in Russia, USA, UK, Canada, Germany, Austria, Poland, India and Pakistan. The main message of Jenya's art is a doubt about the consensus reality, a doubt about the chains of cause and effect available to human attention.

These doubts give rise to the process of cleansing the subconscious from the images of past lives for the sake of the possibility of communication with other sources of creative impulses. Jenya, as a conscientious artist, deliberately places himself in the endless field of non-confessional spirituality. This location allows him to fearlessly explore the spaces of ritual, spaces of creatures' invention and spaces of freedom. Jenya uses the image and attributes of a religious artist, but in his artworks he deliberately hides his confessional affiliation. He views his art practice as an important part of his spiritual path. Art practice as a service to the world. Art practice as an invention and reinvention of one's own destiny. The fate of other people. Fates of other worlds. This philosophy places an additional responsibility on the artist. Jenya learns the spiritual world and the world of religions as a child. He tries everything.

Therefore, he is interested in new religious movements, heresies, spiritual adventurers, unauthorized phenomena of social spirituality, and so on. Jenya is inspired by the image of a children's liturgy. This image can be interpreted as a liturgy invented or reproduced by children, or a liturgy organized by adults especially for children. Jenya tries to act in this paradoxical frame of mind of the two-faced children's liturgy. It may seem that the above concept of art practice makes Jenya a marginal artist, an incomprehensible artist, or an unclaimed artist. Despite this, Jenya is in demand internationally as a commercial illustrator and gallery artist. Jenya is open to all kinds of creative proposals: commercial and non-commercial. In his art practice, Jenya usually uses paper, gel pens and a graphic tablet device. He creates analog sketches for further processing in computer graphics editors.


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