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  • Elstabo

Erotic Art

I began doodling around the age of five, from watching my father draw me WoodyWood

Pecker cartoons. He would flatten the brown paper grocery bags and draw on them when there wasn't any paper.

I also remember vividly how my father’s head would snap around, whenever a voluptuous woman would cross the street. My mom would warn him to catch his own eyes balls before they’d fall out of his head. In those days on Spanish television, a Puerto Rican starlet by the name of Iris Chacon would be performing. She would sing and dance, shaking her voluptuous ass, into elaborate dance numbers. She would ooze sexuality on the TV screen, leaving my weak father in a coma-like state. This sort of behavior from my father imprinted the idea that the female figure was something to be admired.

When my teenage years kicked in, erotica started to poke its way out, I used my talents to draw the attention of my peers, especially the girls. It was at this time I was absorbing things like graffiti, Rock music, comic books, manga animation, and magazines like Heavy Metal, they all fueled my creative side.

I then attended the Fashion Institute of Technology, but I didn't choose that institution because of any interest in fashion, it was just the cheapest school I could afford at the time. Their art programs weren't particularly groundbreaking by any means, but they did have plenty of the one thing I did like, that being young women. It was easy pickings for me, and that incubation helped form the passion I have for my erotic artwork today, certified with a bachelor's degree in fine arts.

When it comes to my art process, I have a special way of going about it. I usually look for a stray cat and I will lure it back to the house. This is where I season it, cook it and offer it to the demons that reside in my basement. No! Not actually; as a matter of fact, my process is very simple.

I start off with ideas and I will make concept drawings, especially if it's going to be a complex piece. A lot of the real magic happens when I am collaborating with the person whos musing for me. It’s a feeling-out process where it can start with one idea and manifest into another possible ten art pieces.

My favorite type of women to paint are shapely, voluptuous, open-minded women, who don't mind me doing questionable things to them, for sake of art.

I tend to shoot my photographic references and occasionally sketch them while they pose.

My impatientness prefers photos because it gives me more flexibility in a short amount of time. I like to jump right into the painting process as soon as possible. The artwork generally is completed within three to five, if the artwork is complex it can take up to two weeks. I tend to do an underpainting in acrylic first, using the cheapest brands out there, then I will finish the piece in oil paint. One of the favorite brands of paint is Winsor and Newton because their titanium white is very versatile.



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