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Be a voice and not an echo

Acoording to me, this sentence should always apply in art : Give your voice an artistic expression and express yourself !

Just now in these hard days of war in Europe I painted the picture «dove of peace». With many excerpts from current newspapers, I tried to capture the current mood artistically. Above all, the many colors in the dove are intended to spread courage and, despite everything, positive thinking.

I also painted this picture in acrylic mixed media wih inlays on canvas.

This picture is currently being shown on social media with the aim of auctioning it off for a good cause in Ukraine.

Serie « life comes back »

In the past two years I have created a series of works entitled «life comes back». With their many expressive colors, these almost 20 pictures are intended to symbolize the desire for the colorful normality that was so dearly missed in the pandemic. Each special color is symbolic of some missed activity, enterprise, joy etc..

Two pictures from this series have just appeared in this year`s art book «Anthology IV Contemporary Art international- Edition Madrid ». For this publication I am very grateful

My own art-school

Fifteen years ago I couldn`t find a job as a lawyer due to my age. I made a virtue out of necessitiy : I founded my own painting school near Zurich. I feel privileged every day that I was able to turn my «hobby» into a profession.

After a number of difficult financial years, I look back with great pleasure on the last few times : Hundreds of art students made the first steps for their further artistic career in my own art-school.

The best thing for me was and still ist to convince the art students of their own creativity and to motivate them for their own top performance.

Book Art®evolution

In 2019 I wrote a book about the contemporary art world. In addition to a general art-historical introduction, this book is a critique of the current art scene. The main thesis or demand is :away from the provocation and overemphasis on a famous name towards the aesthetics and a recognizable ability of an artist. In addition : Not all pictures by a famous artist are real (and expensive) masterpieces !

Quite a few of the true « art treasures » are not created by the so-called great, famous artists, but often also in the so-called medium-sized studios. Especially the new digital world has helped the «ordinary people» to compare the works of the most famous artists in the world with up-and-coming talented not or not yet famous artists. I think we need to rethink. My opinion is: the improvement of art shouldn`t just be based on the famous name of an artist ; One should increasingly go after the so-called pure product and the skills—independent of the education and the celebrity.

Another requirement in my book: In my opinion, you should think more about the completely overpriced works at the present time. Unfortunately, the turbocapitalist screw is turning higher and higher. This is not a healthy development for our culture!

So it was all the nicer for me that in spring 2021 I was asked directly by an art agency from Madrid for an entry in an international yearbook of contemporary art – without a famous name – only because of the aesthetics of my works.

That gave me a huge motivation and a great feeling of happiness, which has continued unabated to this day. The book has just been published and has been awarded in the fine art circle in Madrid.

Sometimes fairy tales or even visions just come true !

Dalia Pugatsch IG: kunstatelier_pugatsch

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