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Art to transcend the physical world

In a world bereft of meaning and value, drifting in a sea of materialism and cynicism, I find it important to take a stand: there is a transcendental ground and art should aim at revealing this higher truth. This is what I believe in. Through my artwork, it is my intent to remind us of our own higher possibilities and our deepest nature, connecting with the light within and with all sentient beings in a joyful celebration of brotherhood. This is my mission in life: spreading the light through my creations.

How have I come to this perspective? It has been a long path for me. My spiritual journey started as a child. I was born with an unusual spiritual awareness and an inherent joie de vivre. I started wondering about the meaning of life at a very young age, even before I began school.

As an idealist, I believe that what separates us is secondary, and I have always tried to forge unity and harmony above all. I also regard the task of self-realization as the most important enterprise in our lives, a necessary pilgrimage for all of us (particularly for myself). This idea has been imprinted in me for the longest time, and was probably at the base of my inner pursuit.

I searched in many wellsprings and travelled to many countries to keep learning and to find answers. My life has been a real adventure thanks to it. Following a spiritual path was often the uncomfortable option, and it led me to crossroads where I had to make difficult decisions, risking all I had. Nobody could understand my foolishness. Although in hindsight, it all appears to be coherent.

At some point, a few years ago, I realized the quest was over. There was nothing outside to take in. It was all already within me. This realization brought me a lot of comfort, and somehow I reckoned that from then on I could allow myself to take it easy. I could finally relax in the now.

Many doors started to open after that. I wrote a book on Mindfulness that became a bestseller in the Spanish-speaking world, and I got back to painting again from a more evolved perspective. My writing and painting come from an inner calling. There is a spiritual force that prompts me to express the essence of our being, which is fulfilling, loving and magnificent beyond measure. Following this inner guidance, I have devoted my life to teach and share ways out of suffering and into the inner peace and joy that are our true nature.

Through my paintings, I want the viewer to feel the beauty that surrounds us, aiming at portraying a vision of expanded awareness and the underlying sacredness of all that is.

My art is mostly derived from visions I have while in a meditative state of mind. My purpose is to transcend the physical world, inspiring the viewer to reach a higher ground and perceive the light that is within us all. As William Blake wrote, “If the doors of perception were cleansed, then everything would appear to man as it is, Infinite.”

So far, it has been a challenging, yet a wondrous and glorious journey too. My ultimate goal is to use my experience and gifts, so it may serve others. I truly believe we are all here to awaken to the deeper realities hidden behind the mechanical daily life. We are all called to make this Earth a place of harmony, peace and joy. I am just trying to fulfill my part in the collective endeavor. May it become a reality soon.

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