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Visual poems of escape and healing

I am an expressionist artist, I consider all my artwork to be visual poems.

I’ve been creating art for as far as I remember. I have always been talented and creative ever since I was a child. I come from an art background, my mother’s side of the family are all artists. Thus, art as they say runs in my blood. So, I grew up in an art household where I was surrounded by professional artists and immersed within the art world. I grew up attending many art receptions and art lectures. Therefore, naturally between the hereditary factor and growing up engulfed in the arts all these elements refined my natural talents and polished my art growth. I am a painter and I primarily use acrylic on canvas for my artwork.

My artwork aims to deliver my environment and the way I see the world through my lyrical vision and sense of aesthetics. For me nature is very important and plays an essential role in my life. I am a nature lover. Therefore, I want through my work to reawaken the visual senses of the viewers where they also will attain the rejuvenation, calm and peace feelings achieved through viewing and taking in the art. I aspire to bridge the gap between the visual world and the real world while allowing the viewers to revive their imagination and exploration. Hence, I aim to create a thought provoking visual dialogue between the viewers and the art on a higher cognitive creative level. In regards to the development of my professional career, it wasn't easy – I developed my career throughout many years of rigorous and continuous hard work and many sleepless nights. I like to point out that the path of an artist is no walk in the park. There are lots of ups and downs to the artist’s journey and career. If I have to give an analogy it would be like viewing an iceberg, the viewer only sees the tip of the iceberg but doesn’t see how deep and far below the surface it goes. For me, my art career of many long years of hard work, painting, working along exhibiting over the decades have gotten me to the point where I am at today. I believe the major experiences that have affected my art are not exactly the happiest moments in my life. It is actually the opposite, the hardships and those very difficult life and death situations that I have lived through that caused me to escape into my art to find solace and refuge in the creative world away from the sadness and the morbidity of those difficult times. Art for me is not only a form of self expression, but it has helped me heal and escape into my own created world. Consequently, art throughout my life’s ups and downs has always been not only a creative outlet but a source of mediation and escape.

I overcame many challenges and hardships by continuing to do the work regardless of how hard the road is. For me, creating art is a form of meditation and an escape from the hardships faced in the real world. Hence, art is an escape to my own dreamland along providing me with much needed peace. I've learned many lessons along the way and throughout my art journey. I learned that one can enter moments of Zen through the creation of the art. I also learned that art can help one in problem solving. Moreover, I learned that creativity ignites our cognitive abilities and opens up new portals and perspectives to how we view life and its matters. I want the world to know that I love art very much, and I love spreading my vision and sharing it with the world. I've been doing art for many years and I had developed my own abstract art style so to speak. I've observed that my signature abstract expressionist paintings which I've been creating for many years – works that highlight my love for the blues of the ocean and the sky have been inspiring for budding and established artists alike. Hence, art for me is a universal visual language by which all comprehend.

Vian Borchert

Facebook: Vian Borchert Fine Arts

Twitter: ViansArtCorner

Instagram: @vianborchert

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