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Visual expressions of healing, myth and the human spirit

My Art Journey started in San Diego, CA, collecting seashells, natural materials and making jewelry, dying and painting fabric. As a child the ocean was always my inspiration; stories of mermaids, flying fish and ocean life filled my imagination. This connection with oceanic beings has truly come full circle to my adult life. 

Patterns of repeating motifs in my work caught the attention of my earlier art teachers who pushed me to study fabric design and pursue a career in textiles. Today I’ve been working as a full-time Art Director and textile artist for hospitality interiors and commercial design for my current employer for 15 years. 5 years prior to that I was a full-time textile artist for a home fashion company.

Being native to San Diego, California, has given me a lifelong love of nature and the ocean, my vortex of healing energy who speaks to me in waves.  Her sound is my universal OM of connectivity. Everything begins with her.  Six years ago, I explored new art styles apart from my commercial art career, beyond production deadlines. I began creating sculptures out of found objects, seashells, roots, fabrics and sand. The Goddess, Mermaid and ocean deities became the theme. That was when I began the journey into my current body of work, which now encompasses poetry, and stories of mythical creatures not written for mass commercial appeal. They rise from the sand as abstract portals into unknown domains filled with possibilities.

The gods in my art reveal insights as I build them; my love of color, art and design continuously explores these themes. Every day is a new beginning connecting with waves of visual expression, healing, myth and the human spirit. About a year ago I chanced upon Goddess Art Magazine, and immediately it resonated with my work. I’m honored to find so many likeminded artists to join in this journey of artistic pursuit, and I’m grateful for the opportunity to be featured for the second time in this publication.  Thank you all, for the hard work and dedication that comes with the creative life.

Artfully, Elle Swift - @sculptressofthesea

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