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Under the skin

Artusnow was born in France but he lives and works in Madrid. He is a self-taught professional constantly exploring the limits between photography and painting, using digital tools to create hyper-textured, colors-driven, powerful artworks. He specialized in large format creations (the largest he has created so far is a 270 cm x 650 cm wall painting), with incredible textures, complex combinations of colors, that can be figurative or abstract.

He is constantly looking for new textures for his works and takes photos in the most unusual places: decrepit old doors, worn out walls, abandoned hangars, faded graffiti are the source of his perception of reality and his creativity. For him, the artist is someone who sees things that others do not perceive. This is why his artistic signature, present on all his paintings, is an open eye.


Artusnow defines himself today as a "graphic DJ" who, like the creators who remix original sounds to make new songs, superimposes several layers of photographs to create new digital images.

During his work, the original layers of photographs often disappear in favor of a more poetic and pictorial vision of reality, whose psychedelic colors irresistibly attract the eye.


As Durrell said about the poet Cavafis: "People are the result of their internal landscape".

· NATURE: Nature’s shapes, textures and colors are infinite. I love mixing them up to create new visual sensations.

· HUMAN BODY: Ancient Greeks thought nudes could express an ideal of divine perfection, both psychic and physical. For me, the human body still has this invocation power of divine perfection embodied in form.

· TEXTURES: Textures are the essence of my artworks. They are everywhere, on an old door many times repainted, on a wall full of grafitis or a burned dustbin, but they remain invisible to most people. I integrate them into my paintings to give them a life of their own, which sometimes brings them close to Street Art.


As Durrell said about the poet Cavafis: "People are the result of their interior landscape".

So how would we see people if what really mattered was not the color of their skin, but their «interior landscapes»?

My personal answer is a series of 6 paintings entitled «The colors under my skin»

THE COLORS UNDER MY SKIN1. 100 x 140 cm. Digital Collage.

This portrait tells the story of a young African man living in Europe: under his skin you can see some graffitis and landscapes of Madrid that he likes very much. We can also appreciate part of the oceans and deserts that he had to cross to reach this city. I pixelated it to symbolize the inner transformation that he had to make from his hometown in Africa to survive in an insomniac and hyperconnected megalopolis like Madrid...

THE COLORS UNDER MY SKIN3. 100 x 140 cm. Collage digital.

This painting is the intimate portrait of a woman who remembers how the light was playing on her skin during her childhood, when she lived with her friends and family on her native island. Sometimes it’s so cold and it rains so much in the capital where she lives now that she feels her skin could rust...


My large format creations (from 100 x 100 cm) are printed with the HDPB system (Image Crystallization technology), which accentuates the perceptions of volume, colors and brightness of the paintings thanks to a glass effect that seems to give life to each room regardless of the ambient light.



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