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The magic of textiles

Aktualisiert: 11. Aug. 2021

Mariona Clavé was born in Barcelona in 1972. She lived surrounded by the cosmopolitan magic of the city that saw her grow up till the age of 15 when she moved to live in the village of her paternal family, Sant Llorenç d’Hortons. A small town in the Alt Penedès, province of Barcelona, ​​which at that time had no more than 2000 inhabitants.

Despite a radical change in lifestyle, it always felt great. She began to live surrounded by nature, beautiful vineyards and fantastic landscapes that changed every day. Surrounded by a land where she can find inspiration and magic to be able to dedicate today to the passion that has always made her feel alive: to express her feelings and to be able to express them in a way that everyone can feel them.

Always ready to learn new things and without studying art, she has tried out new things, experimented and created for many years. It is now at this stage of his life that she has begun to work with natural linen or cotton fabric and sometimes with recycled cotton yarn, which on a canvas give shape to her works of art.

Mariona is a restless and very curious person. She finds it very difficult to be doing nothing. She likes to experiment because she knows it always leads her to enjoy, create, play with materials, shapes and colors. She always enjoys what she does and she knows that on a canvas the possibilities are endless.

She likes the effect of working with fabric. Volume, perspective and a different point of view. Hardening the materials gives her the possibility to immortalize her works, created at just the right time.

She feels lucky enough to live surrounded by nature and tranquility in the Alt Penedès, land full of inspiration that makes her live fully and with the illusion of being able to express what she feels and at the time she needs it and shows that feeling through her artworks.

Tel.: +34 626 15 57 82


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