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Save the Earth, but make it creative: Auction for Climate Action

It was a rainy fall afternoon in Hamburg, Germany when Nicole was looking for a possibility to tackle climate issues - more than just in private behavioral efforts. While seeing through all the engaging climate action organizations, she came up with the idea of helping them by mobilizing money. The underlying concept was born: A charity auction on Instagram. As an artist, Nicole’s thought process quickly involved auctioning off art and design and donating the proceeds to collaborating organizations. The designer Julia was excited to jump in, designed the logos and visualized the concept for the organizations.

Five organizations active in the field of climate protection are part of the project from its roots on: Deutsche Umwelthilfe e.V. , Justdiggit, Global Nature Fund, Bergwaldprojekt e.V., und Deutsche KlimaStiftung. They work on diverse projects in Germany and around the world. Measures for species protection and environmental protection are part of the climate protection work, they depend on each other. 100% of the auctioning proceeds are donated to these non-profit organizations – which one particularly is selected by the offering artist.

The charity initiative for the climate started this year step by step. First the concept and execution were detailed. Then, an acquainted lawyer gave some advice and a website with an imprint was established. Nicole’s friend and web specialist Holger built a great website in German and English with an updating Instagram feed. Nastassja, B. A. Public Relations, supports with texting and social media marketing. All contributors do this on a voluntary basis – the more, the merrier.

So, how does the auction work? The bidding primarily takes place in the comments of respective posts on Instagram. Additionally, the art is displayed on the website, on Facebook and partly on LinkedIn so that others can bid as well, depending on the contact option of the artist or designer. Artists and designers can offer a work of art or object for auction without any fees. Anyone and everyone have the opportunity to bid for these works and donate to fight climate change - it’s a win-win situation!

This means: All proceeds go to a good cause. Along the way, the artists can make an even bigger impact with their art. Their material costs are reimbursed by the bidders, who will forever associate a special story with their artwork. At the moment, Auction for Climate Action focused on the German market. However, if transport and shipping costs are reasonable, international artists and designers are more than welcome to collaborate! Our vision is to grow big to increase our impact, also across country borders.


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