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Realms of escapism and empowerment

“Having embarked on a journey from China to pursue art studies in the United States in 2019, I have been profoundly influenced by the rich cultural tapestries of both nations.”

Hao Ding, born in 1999, is a dynamic and visionary artist driven by an unwavering passion for artistic expression and storytelling. Both nations have served as a wellspring of inspiration throughout her artistic career. Fascinated by the profound histories of these diverse cultures, Hao seamlessly integrates their essence into her artistic endeavors. She adeptly weaves together elements from both realms, infusing her creations with a captivating blend of tradition and innovation.

During her college years, she took on freelance work to both build her skills and gain experience working with clients. Upon studying at the Art Center College of Design with a degree in Entertainment Design, Hao Ding's passion for art and design was reinforced and set her on an exciting career path. In her final year, she applied for an internship at Activision Blizzard, and to her delight, she was offered the position of concept art intern for Call of Duty in May 2022. This experience allowed her to deepen her understanding of game development and further refine her skills as a concept artist. As a concept artist, Hao was entrusted with the creation of both pre-production and production art for the game project. After graduating in Dec 2022, She now works as a full-time Concept Artist at Activision Blizzard, developing the legendary game franchise Call of Duty. “My distinctive artistic style is characterized by meticulous attention to detail, deliberate color choices, and a remarkable ability to convey precise moods within each composition.” “In my artistic journey, I utilize renowned software such as Blender and Zbrush to harness the power of 3D rendering, enabling me to skillfully manipulate lighting and form.”

Her works are imbued with imaginative designs that are masterfully crafted and presented, transporting viewers into unique and captivating fictional worlds. Each piece is a testament to her originality and storytelling prowess, inviting audiences to embark on a visual journey brimming with creativity and depth. With each stroke of her brush or stroke of her digital pen, she invites us to explore the convergence of cultures, emotions, and narratives that shape our collective human experience. In this fusion of beauty and meaning.

Hao's artistic process is a captivating fusion of her exceptional 2D painting skills and a dynamic 3D workflow, which she firmly believes are indispensable for the creation of high-quality concept art. Recognizing that both precision and boundless imagination are vital components of a remarkable art piece, Hao seamlessly integrates these two elements into her workflow, ensuring that neither is overlooked. This technical proficiency empowers her to bring a heightened sense of realism and depth to her artwork, captivating viewers and immersing them in her imaginative worlds. However, despite the benefits offered by 3D techniques, Hao remains deeply grounded in her art foundation, which she has developed through extensive study and observation of renowned painters. She draws inspiration from the masters, constantly seeking to refine her craft and push the boundaries of her own creativity. It is through this combination of technical prowess and artistic finesse that Hao can present her unique aesthetic style to audiences, showcasing her ability to capture the subtle nuances of light, shadow, texture, and composition.

Driven by a passion for continuous improvement, Hao Ding's artistic journey is characterized by her unwavering dedication to refining her skills and expanding her creative horizons. Through the fusion of technical precision and boundless imagination, Hao endeavors to create concept art that not only captivates but also inspires and transports viewers to extraordinary realms of wonder. Hao has always been amazed by the profound impact that art can have on people, regardless of the medium.

She believes that art has the remarkable ability to transport individuals to imaginative worlds, offering experiences, education, and healing. For Hao, art serves as a refuge, a sanctuary where the human mind can find solace from the harshness and emptiness of the real world. Driven by a deep desire to create transformative art, Hao aims to not only transport people to realms of escapism but also empower them with the strength to confront the harsh realities they face and emerge resilient. She herself has found courage through art and aspires to be the conduit that passes this courage on to others. Hao's artistic journey is fueled by her unwavering passion to create works that touch the hearts and minds of her viewers.

With every stroke of her brush or sculpting of her medium, Hao strives to ignite a spark of courage within her audience, encouraging them to face the world with resilience and determination. She embraces the power of art as a force for personal and societal transformation, aiming to make a lasting impact on the lives of those who encounter her work. Through her dedication and artistic vision, Hao Ding aspires to uplift and empower others, sharing the courage she has found in art with the world. As she continue to explore my artistic path, Hao remain committed to honing her skills and pushing the boundaries of creativity.

Hao Ding


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