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People you should not trust in the art world

Aktualisiert: 27. Mai 2021

My experiences with galleries and where better not to spend your money to

When I started with my art projects more than a year ago, I thought that taking every opportunity is what it takes, no matter how much money it costs. Was I right? Of course

not and I will gladly share my experience with you in detail.

Galleries you should not trust

In my experience you should not trust galleries that have staggering prices compared to the services they offer. If you feel the prices are too high, you are probably right and should be concerned. There are several galleries making money by the masses and that exploit artists with less experience. These galleries probably contact you rather on social media than e-mail, they will have changing curators every month and they will contact you repetetively - not knowing you are already one of their clients. This is extremely unpersonal and unprofessional and unrewarding for you. Above all, they will unfollow you and ignore you if you can't or won't invest in them continuously. If a gallery is serious, they won't just let you go because you are not participating in every single exhibition, but they will try to build a long-term or neutral relationship with you.

Galleries you won't make moeny with

Most of the above mentioned galleries tell you that they have clients and collectors that would be interested in your art. Hoping to get recognized and sell one of your artwork is what lures you in, but your money will probably be wasted. Many of my art friends and I have never - I repeat - never sold anything via such galleries. Yes, they are on social media, yes they have tousands of followers and maybe more than you do. Yes, they promote you on social media - once. That's it. Their followers are mostly artists themselves - not buyers or collectors. They probably don't even have a collector's list which many galleries claim. to have. In the worst case senario you will find yourself spending lots of money over and over and over again to such galleries. My advice: don't do it, stop now! There are many other possibilities where you can show your art for a small fee, maybe even for free and where you are treated much better.

Other art offers you better reject

Besides galleries that contact you and twist you around their little finger with exuberant words how great your art is only to squeeze you like a lemon for money, there are other offers, I want to warn you about. Books. Art books are extremely expensive and you might have been contacted in the same dishonest manner as these galleries did. Maybe you have come across pages where you can apply for such books and they will send you offers for hundreds of euros or dollars. Be careful! Again: if you think this is waaaay to much, it probably is. You are not stupid. Better compare offers, research for other possibilities and offers. There are pages where you can apply to be featured in a book for a small fee. Maybe you have to apply several times, but these costs will be modest and managable. Don't fall for the "You are so special" and "We only selected you" sentences, even if they are uplifting and balm for your soul.

Advice in a nutshell

Trust yourself, trust your assessment and be self-confident about your art. Don't participate in anything that you feel is too expensive for you, just because others might do that or because you feel you need that attention right now. Don't say yes to everything, don't be desperate, but take your time, do some research and you will find more agreeable and fair opportunities you won't regret afterwards. If you feel exploited leave and don't work with those people anymore. Also, inform other art friends about your experience so that they won't make the same mistakes.

I hope I could help you a little by sharing my experience with you. If you want to appreciate my work and help us build a growing, appeciating and respectful art community, spread the word and feel free to donate any amout you see fit in the "donate" section.

Thank you for reading!

Lena Snow

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