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Ordinary life events with a sense of paradox

Focusing on day by day life events as I really live among them is important, matters to me and impresses me. I showcase an emotional and mental reaction toward them. In my artworks, events, different incidents and various positions are combined together and have created a unique unity, without losing their own characteristics.

My painting subjects contain ordinary and routine life elements that are unremarkable so that their entrance to the art world seems unbelievable. My attention is toward things that are there and not things that must be there. Characters and people, animals and sometimes consumer banal objects, look like a kind of quest, searching among objects that are maintaining their personality, while in an artistic unity, inside structure and form, their specific performance appears. In my paintings all spontaneous and irregular elements are mixed up to form feelings and sometimes by transforming signs and achieving an emotional and personal form, make vast changes in those signs. Using saturated colours carries a modern understanding and it helps to achieve a suspended position in different 2-dimensional and 3-dimensional spaces.

My artworks are basically emotional and abstract with a sense of suspension. Colours are often chosen non-hybrid and without colours passages and are in harmony for recreating senses and pointing to a world of figures full of false joy. Avoiding the details helps me a lot to express my main issues and at the same time enables me to represent various paradoxes in some parts of my works using a creative focus. Most of my paintings deliberately showcase a satirical and sarcastic reflection.

Narges Soleimanzadeh

IG: @soleimanzadehnarges

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