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Never let go of your dreams

This painting embodies the power of a woman, where, in any circumstance that life puts her through, she can do anything she puts her mind to. As long as she looks at the bright side, the shadows will always fall behind her and the power will grow in her. The power of a women is greater than the energy of the flames erupting from a volcano. Do not doubt or fear the strength in you. With this new sense of purpose, life moves her forward much like the winds that drift birds. A better life awaits.

I was born in Tehran, Iran where my work was first showcased in 1996. I always strive to improve my skills through my work and by pursuing a master’s degree in arts. It is symbolized by the birds flying away from the safety of the woman’s palm and the power of a volcanic eruption in this painting. Both symbols are tied together with a woman’s breath lifting the bird towards life.

I kept improving the skills by doing different professional diplomas in Interior Design and graduate holding a master of arts in Dubai/U.A.E. I am currently working as a Senior Designer in the creative department at RHM group.

Instagram: @tannazshr

Tannaz Rad

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