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Nature-based practice combining mysticism, occultism and spirituality

My name is Hazel Copcutt, I am 38, and a British-born fine/performance/visual artist. A mother of two daughters ages 11 and 7, and a gift to a Brazilian/Italian singer and musician.

I’d like to openly express that I am a practicing witch, spiritually speaking a white witch if you will. For me, the wisdom and strength drawn from this unique nature-based practice can be seen within the beautiful moments felt by synchronicity.

Intellectually, I have always been drawn to study the mystical occult arts, numerology being the most recent subject to study.

Physically, I love to dance and move in space. Create flowing energy that can carry me through the day or night.

I began teaching art for teens and younger children in private and group classes around 2018, one year after moving here. Having the privilege of seeing children develop their self-expression is very cheering. At this same time, I also began to teach Yoga to local residents and tourists.

Moving to Brazil in 2012, was simply overwhelming. To live on a land that was so different from the UK, a young new mother was quite intense, especially for the first year. It was clear to me within that first year just how much of a challenge I had given myself. The language, and family in Law, the danger of stepping outside at night alone. However, in an over-sexualized, over-dramatized, over-populated, poverty-stricken society, I was completely aware of the beauty that echoed on the outreached of the city. Tropical flowers, fruits, and trees, and the ocean were truly breathtakingly spiritually transforming.

In good time I was introduced to a few other visual artists and shared work at a local collective space, and exhibitions. The vibe and aesthetic at these events were always smooth and trendy. I was lucky to be given space in a small theatre in support of creating. I was always solo and pregnant at the time but work was created and I could share some experimental performance art short films. It was a lovely moment in synchronicity; to be showing a film on two continents at the same time. The downside here is that I was not making any real money and so being offered space with no actual budget to buy materials is probably one of the most frustrating scenarios to be in. The lack of funds and time frequently left me feeling like an imposter.

I am a home mother, working from home as presented hard challenges in the way of interruption but I have had learn to work with what I have. There is no other way. The challenge of time and money is at times such a struggle but it can also be the most focused.

Our home in Brazil felt like a city birdcage. I felt a little like a trapped bird. There is no other way to describe that feeling of isolation.

I was granted the gift of a studio space, where I was able to sink into my ideas and dream. It was a peculiar time, I felt like an alien but equally, I found myself very inspired daily. It was hard without living close by friends or family. Overwhelming actually. But I did make a few good friends that I know will be there upon our return visit. When we finally left for France after five long years, I felt I had passed a kind of mental and spiritual test.

Making the move to France in 2017, so far has been equally testing, especially during this time of the pandemic. But it is here where I feel I will begin to fulfill my purpose as an artist. After being settled in the mountains for the last five years, I believe that the evolution of my work can really begin to take shape.

This year, I have several projects laid out for the year; including expanding on the oracle cards, finishing up with a collage collection named, Naughty Times, developing the next phase of oil paintings, and sculpture art. Within my work, you will see notes of mystisicm, alternate worlds, occultism, spirituality, sensuality, and nature.

Hazel Copcutt


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