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Nature and the concept of collective consciousness

As a visual artist/illustrator, writer, and designer under Smile Sweet Sunflower LLC., my creative process is deeply intertwined with nature and the concept of collective consciousness. Nature serves as both a source of inspiration and a grounding force, pulling me out of my thoughts and allowing me to focus on the present moment through mindfulness.

Smile Sweet Sunflower LLC. and Time2Bloom™ were inspired by my admiration for the sunflower, a symbol of hope, positivity, and resilience. The names reflect my belief in the power of hope to drive positive change. With values rooted in Love With Truth & Clarity, Hope for the Greater Good, and Belief in Our Capability, I aim to inspire other leaders, advocates, and the community at large with the storytelling arts.

True power supports prosocial behaviors, not the distorted exercise of control over others. My slogan, “Life Is What We Make It, so Let Us Make It WORTHWHILE,” reflects the sacredness of life and the importance of embracing ethical principles. Additionally, it underscores my belief in the power of collective consciousness to shape a better world through the manifestation of good ideas. Inspired by the insights of Sam Harris, I recognize the impact of ideas on human behavior, emphasizing the importance of promoting ethical values to prevent the perpetuation of harm caused by “bad ideas.”

In my pursuit of meaningful storytelling, I’ve drawn wisdom from notable figures, such as Sam Harris and Sadhguru. Sam Harris is an advocate of reason and discernment, who proclaimed that spirituality should be understood in light of scientific disciplines like neuroscience and psychology.

Sadhguru advocates for humanity's connection to nature. He promotes ecological balance with a spiritual connection, encouraging a harmonious relationship with the Earth. He is a voice for advocating the interconnectedness between humanity and the natural world; in addition, he also focuses on mindfulness and conscious versus subconscious thoughts, which lead to day-to-day actions and behaviors.

Nevertheless, I don't believe that one necessarily has to agree with everything someone says or believes is the most logical explanation for a certain phenomenon or controversial topic to admire them. Although I hold both Sam Harris and Sadhguru in high regard, I ultimately enjoy pulling from multiple perspectives, taking in and sorting information while using discernment.

I personally align with the principles of agnostic humanism, valuing the inherent dignity and worth of all individuals while recognizing the collective responsibility to create a more compassionate and equitable world. I also support human-centered art and designs that aim towards exercising ideas for the greater good. I’m a bit of a quiet visionary or advocate, in that I use art as a vehicle of communication: my art and writing support these causes that deeply resonate with me, which is my form of advocacy.

I've given away most of my recent and later works of art, keeping only a few prints. This decision was partly motivated by my need for a "Blank Slate" to propel forward and advance my ideas/projects, and also due to the lack of space and proper storage to keep them out of sight and out of mind while I continued exploring new ways of tackling my artistic endeavors.

However, last year, I revived my original piece titled "Le Poisson" and expanded it into a series featuring "Bleu" and "Rouge." These pieces were exhibited at the Arts Council of Fayetteville in Cumberland County, North Carolina, as part of the LatinXhibit during Hispanic Heritage Month. The LatinXhibit celebrated the richness of diverse cultures through the arts.

Additionally, apart from developing a new body of work and showcasing/promoting it, I'm working on initiating my product line under my brand, Time2Bloom™. Time2Bloom's mission is to inspire self-actualization and mastery, enabling growth and human flourishing while empowering ingenuity through cleverness, originality, and inventiveness. Therefore, this year, these prints are now available for purchase at "Time2Bloom™ Saatchi” (, alongside a few other recent works of art.

Life and reality are manifestations of ideas. I am inventing a fictitious world to communicate secular, ethical, and logical principles; more so, the interaction between nature and nurture: a willingness and consensus between biological and environmental factors to sustain life! Additionally, there is an emphasis on the need for us to cultivate critical thinking and linguistic intelligence worldwide. The path to conscious decision-making and unity demands that we recognize the power of our choices and practice reason and discernment. We must strive to think consciously, for it is through critical thought and linguistic intelligence that we can foster unity, respect, and understanding.

I was awarded the Broward County Cultural Division's $3,000 USD Artist Support Grant in September 2023 to move forward with a new body of work, "At the Garden," thus serving humanity through human ingenuity with the storytelling arts. I am honored to be selected for my first virtual solo exhibition with Goddess Arts Magazine. Moreover, I am incredibly grateful to Kristen Cole Morrison, the library manager at Sunrise Dan Pearl Library, for taking an interest in my work and for her proactive approach and support in making this my first solo exhibition on the grounds at the Sunrise Dan Pearl Library, a Broward County Library, a reality.

“At the Garden” offers glimpses into different facets of this captivating narrative. Chapters include “The Iris Family: Wings of Adversity,” “Roots of Sanctuary: A Golden Eagle’s Odyssey,” “A Kingdom’s Fall: ScarCity Saga,” “Shattered Utopia: A Saga Unveiled,” and “Garden Revelations: Love’s Awakening and Freedom’s Echo.” By offering the first five chapters for free along with a booklet of insights via, I aim to provide the audience with a captivating glimpse into the depth and richness of my narrative. The e-book and paperback book, however, are available for purchase at "Time2Bloom™ AMZ” ( at a great price.

Melissa Allegories


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