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Natural. Spontaneous. Instinctive. Regular

Like a dream, Boris Obregón gives us, through his infinite paintings, the impossibility of emptiness through eternal imaginary stories that allow us to access his world. A lively and highly chaotic place that does not stop breaking the established order.

Of course, the many pictorial works of Boris invite us to find ourselves with a space built from an architecture full of senses, seen in signs and meanings, where the landscape insists on narrating the confused existence of those who inhabit a territory demarcated by conflicts internal and external. A place made up of mysterious and, above all, fantastic situations.

The origin of the artist's work lies practically in the creation of a still life moved by a pop surrealism, or in contemporary times it has to be located under the parameters of the lowbrow style, frequently dreaming of fictions and delusions present in the excessive use of forms, such a baroque and its horror vacui, which tirelessly seeks to organize reality through colorful and fluid processes, overflowing the painting with images and planes ready to become pregnant in the body of those who contemplate it.



IG: @obregonnnnn

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