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My inner world

Isabelle Goeminne is a passionate Belgian fine arts photographer.

Higly concentrated on little things, her eye will also see the deeper character or meaning of who and what comes in view.

Beautiful aspects of nature and special impressions are drawn in focused frames, drifting gently the wandering eye towards the senses and feelings that express some of her deepest thoughts and experiences. Forms of abstraction are used to trigger the viewer’s thoughts. Further on she aims to unveil the purity of emotions, showing the truthful, inner beauty of her daily encounters.

Using her gut feeling and exploring her artistic reflections, her creative process continuously evolves. She currently achieves the most satisfaction by experimenting with different techniques and transforming images. The whole process comes naturally, while the image evolution is itself an inspiration. Her style is a way to combine the uncomplicated with atmosphere and sentiment, all melted together with a strong preference for the subtle and timeless black & white.

To broaden her possibilities, Isabelle attended courses from photography schools and the academy of fine arts.

Her works are selected for international expositions and publications.

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