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My desire to uplift feminine energy

Interview with Lina Sulga

Please tell us something about your background and your art journey so far.

Art has always been my passion since childhood. I have a deep appreciation for colors and creativity that has guided me throughout my life. Despite my love for art, I initially pursued a career in makeup artistry, working in the retail industry. However, after experiencing burnout and a lack of creative fulfillment, I began to reevaluate my path. Inspired by others who followed their dreams, I decided to reconnect with my artistic side after an 11-year hiatus. Painting became a form of therapy for me, offering a sense of peace and beauty amidst the chaos of daily life. Reflecting on my journey, I realized that my art was more than just aesthetics—it was a way for me to reconnect with my inner voice and femininity.

Having experienced unhealthy work environments and personal struggles, I

became passionate about spreading awareness of the divine feminine and the importance of balance between masculine and feminine energies. Now, my mission is to empower others to tap into their femininity and create a world filled with balance, joy, and personal empowerment.

Describe what a normal day looks like as an artist.

Balance is something that is very important to me and something I promote but also incorporate in my own business and philosophy. It is always about a dance between doing and being therefore I have a flexible work structure. I usually start my day with getting up early in the morning with a meditation before breakfast. After eating breakfast I go to the gym and while I work out and engage my body I also engage my mind by listening to various podcasts revolving around femininity where I get inspired before I start to create. After that I get home, shower, eat and get ready to work on my art business. Here I always try to be in tune with my body figuring out my next step in what part of business I want to be working on. Is it creating content, administration or do I want to paint? I never try to push myself if I feel resistance but it is a balance between rest and making things happen. Sometimes we also just need to start doing and not being too much in the head about things.

Can you tell us more about the theme in your art and your inspiration?

Spirituality is a fundamental aspect of my creative process. I believe in the divine creation and the inherent meaning of life. Each painting is an opportunity to translate life's lessons and challenges into something transformative and positive.

When I paint, I aim to co-create with the canvas, allowing the imagery to emerge organically. I start by painting the background with a palette knife, intuitively feeling into what wants to manifest on the canvas. From there, I channel messages from the collective consciousness, infusing each piece with spiritual wisdom and insight.

Every painting holds a unique spiritual message, inviting the viewer to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and transformation. In addition to these insights, I infuse my artwork with lessons gained through my personal journey and shadow work, ensuring that each piece resonates deeply with the viewer's own experiences and inner wisdom.

Furthermore, my theme and paintings are very ethereal, dreamlike, and celestial. This quality may be attributed to the high spiritual vibration and my desire to uplift feminine energy, infusing them with a dreamy and feminine essence.

How does your art life impact other parts of your life?

My art life deeply influences every aspect of my existence, influencing not only my creative endeavors but also my personal growth, relationships, and overall well-being. The practice of creating art serves as a conduit for self-expression, introspection, and emotional healing, allowing me to navigate life's complexities with greater clarity and resilience.

On a practical level, managing my art business requires me to cultivate organizational skills, strategic thinking, and adaptability, which inevitably spill over into other areas of my life.

The themes and messages embedded within my artwork often mirror the lessons and insights I've gleaned from my own journey, serving as constant reminders of my values, beliefs, and aspirations. This alignment between my art and personal philosophy fosters a sense of authenticity and purpose, infusing every interaction and decision with intentionality and meaning.

The connections forged within the art community and the feedback received from viewers contribute to a sense of belonging and shared humanity, enriching my social and emotional well-being. The reciprocity of inspiration and support within this community fuels my creative spirit and encourages me to continue pushing the boundaries of my artistic expression.

Overall, my art life is not merely a separate facet of my existence but rather an integral part of who I am, shaping my identity, values, and relationships in profound ways. By embracing this interconnectedness, I am able to live a more vibrant, purposeful, and fulfilling life.

Could you share any difficulties and hardships you had to face in life and how

or if you managed/overcame them?

My biggest challenge was not listening to my intuition and inner voice. There were times when I found myself entangled in the expectations of others, attempting to mold myself into someone I wasn't. This led to immense hardship and inner turmoil, a period where I felt like I was merely pushing through rather than truly living.

Reflecting on those moments, I realize that my journey back to my true self, especially reconnecting with my femininity, has been pivotal. I spent much of my life feeling disconnected from my own essence. Now, as I integrate the knowledge and teachings I've acquired along the way, alongside my art, I'm weaving my own lessons and experiences into my paintings.

This journey of rediscovery, while challenging, has been incredibly enriching. It's through these struggles that I've learned the importance of authenticity and self-acceptance. My art has become a vessel for expressing these lessons, infusing each piece with the wisdom gained from navigating my own path.

So, while difficulties have certainly been present, they've also been catalysts for growth and transformation. They've shaped not only my art but also my outlook on life, empowering me to embrace my true self and share that journey with others through my artwork.

Tell us about your best experience in the art world so far.

My best experience in the art world has been the profound connections and support I've made with others. Witnessing people resonate with my message and find joy in my art is truly intoxicating. The indescribable feeling of being recognized for doing what you truly love is unparalleled. It's these moments of connection and recognition that fuel my passion and inspire me to continue sharing my art with the world.

Share your worst experience in the art world.

The art world can be challenging, especially when trying to make a living from your passion. However, I've come to believe that if art truly is your calling, the universe will provide signs and recognition to confirm you're on the right path. It's essential to have faith and patience, continuing to put in the work even during difficult times. Opportunities may come in unexpected ways, so it's important to keep your eyes open and recognize support beyond financial gain.

What practical advice can you give to fellow artists?

You need to start, you will never be truly ready but you become ready as you go, you learn along the way and gain new experiences. But you need to believe in yourself that the world wants to know you and your story, so share it.

Is the artist's life lonely? Please share your thoughts and experiences.

The artist's journey can sometimes feel like a solitary path. At the beginning, it's all about self-reliance and finding your footing, which can be daunting when you're just starting out and don't have many connections. But as you begin to share your work through social media and exhibitions, you'll find opportunities to connect with others who share your passion.

These connections can be incredibly uplifting, providing the support and encouragement you need to keep going. It's a beautiful reminder that, even though the journey may be solitary at times, you're never truly alone. There's a whole community out there ready to embrace you with open arms and walk alongside you on this artistic adventure.

What are you working on at the moment and are there any upcoming events

you would like to talk about?

Currently, I'm pouring my heart into a painting titled 'Goddess Energy.' This piece holds profound spiritual meaning as I portray a shaman, urging us to reconnect with our ancestral roots. It's about breaking free from societal conditioning to rediscover our inner truth, voice, and desires—the essence of who we truly are.

In 'Goddess Energy,' I'm infusing symbolism with three roses, each representing a core aspect of our being: mind, spirit, and body. The mind embodies masculine external logical energy, the spirit encompasses feminine internal spiritual energy, and the body serves as the vessel harmonizing them together.

This painting serves as a gentle reminder to embrace our authentic selves and acknowledge our role as co-creators with the universe. 

As for upcoming events, I'm thrilled to share that in March, I'll be featured as a guest on the HeartBlend Podcast. It's an incredible opportunity to discuss my journey as an artist and delve into the inspirations behind my work. Additionally, I'm looking forward to the summer of 2025 when I'll be featured in a documentary highlighting artists. It's an honor to be included among such talented individuals, and I can't wait to share my story with a wider audience.

Artist name: SULGA Art

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