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My Art Re-Enchants the World

My art is born deep within me. My creations have their origin in my soul and are made to contribute to the re-enchantment of the world. I want to nourish spectators’ souls with my art and therefore call my pictures „magical and powerful pictures that inspire the soul“.

So many people today are spiritually deprived … Overthinking everything has completely disenchanted our lives and taken away the soul and fantasy from our lives and the art around us. The cry for a re-enchantment of the world is unmistakable.

Nourishing the female soul is my main topic. Women need to regain the space for leisure, lightness, playfulness, detachment and creativity. We are entitled to this sacred space! Ever since I myself have regained access to my sources of power and my inner female home, creativity just spurts out of me … My paintings radiate lightness and joy, gratuitous and endless bliss, freedom, dance, love, femininity, closeness, laughter and creativity.

„Magical pictures of power inspire the soul“.

We were all born with a natural ability to relax, but it seems to me that we sometimes need visual support to enter this state of relaxation. This is where my paintings come in. They let you dive into your inner home, where we are independent of everything and everyone, detached in timelessness, centered and rooted ….Looking at my paintings feels like leaping into bliss and grace! This is exactly the gift of nature to all feminine creatures: a state of love, of fullness and of all-unity. There is nothing to work out, everything is already there. Welcome to bliss! Bienvenue en béatitude parfaite – welcome to the lost continent of ecstasy and enlightenment!

And out of this bliss we save the world! In this day and age, we urgently need to re-connect to our femininity. Thus, a new consciousness of the divine on earth can be absorbed and spread. We can win back from the hypnosis of our time, awakening to the real self, the state of spiritual grace. This grace is always at our side; it is always present, we can open up to it anytime and anywhere. It is a heavenly gift and my „magical pictures of power“ are a reminder of it. Isn’t it true that the sacred we call heaven lives right here on earth in the midst of physical reality, maybe even in our body?

When you let go of your mind and take in my paintings with an open heart, the sky also opens up to you… you feel those good vibrations … I like to celebrate these good vibes and deliberately let them enter each and every cell of my body, positively charging my energies while enjoying this delicacy like a sweet fruit consciously creating sparkling positive emotions!

The most valuable thing we have are our feelings! And the best part is: we create them ourselves!!!

I believe that the making of art is a spiritual act. „He who has art also has religion,“ said Goethe. The devotion to a mysterious leadership, listening to one’s own creative impulses and opening up to inspiration is a profoundly spiritual dimension. Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one and only precious life? My answer is quite clear: to participate in the „re-enchantment of the world“. I glow in order to bring the sky down to the earth. „When I paint I feel free as a bird and blissful as a child.“

I chose #RosenDerInspiration and left the thorns of memory behind me. I choose to shine for the world with the perfection and beauty of my inner light by painting pictures of light: #LightPaintingLeilani and #BéatitudeParfaite Nothing’s more powerful than an idea whose time has come! Aloha Mahalo, Leilani Euphrosyne


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