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My art brings freedom

I began art two years ago at 66 years old some would say a late bloomer. I use many alternate styles of art and different mediums. I go the gamut from traditional abstract street art and digital art.

MY younger years I attended SILVERMINE ART Guild, New Canaan Connecticut. I was a freelance photographer for many years. Digital art gave me the feeling of the darkroom experience. I love to experiment with many styles of art water color pastel acrylic digital formats. My art mixes a certain feeling of fantasy and surrealism. Alongside a certain force to it with strong color and bold strokes.

I began in the most traditional sense water color, acrylics, pastels. As I began art my sense of freedom from the everyday mundane began to emerge. At first I played with color strokes the playful aspects of art. Many of my earlier works are symbols of what I love : flowers, sailboats, oceans.

As time went on I played harder with color, the abstract. A friend suggested I experiment with digital art. I love the nuance of digital art reminds of of the darkroom.

Many of my works are portraiture, figurative and some character with exaggerated expression. I believe my art goes beyond the everyday mundane to bring a sense of joy color movement freedom to the observer. My work has a certain edge to it perhaps from a life replete with loss certain tragedy.

The feeling of freedom I discovered along the way in the process of my art from LIFES certain hardships.

I believe my art affords the viewer one special moment and transcends the every day ordinary moments.

Joanne Huxford



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