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Mud and Silver

My story isn’t a typical rags to riches story but more like mud to silver. Starting in challenging circumstances, I’ve been through rough beginnings surrounded by bad influences and bad times. I faced personal tragedies, including my wife's fatal overdose, my brother's fatal overdose, and the loss of my best friend to violence.  I embarked on a journey to transform my life, and though it wasn't easy or quick, I succeeded. Now, I've never been healthier or happier, and my newfound goal is to thrive as an artist.

It’s reaching, sure, It's a lofty aspiration, but if I could escape the depths of my past, I believe I can achieve this too. I have always made art, it is for sure the reason I’m still alive but in as much as I was always behind with my bills I have always worked full-time as either a graphic artist or a scenic painter. The later when my life was too crazy to even hold an office job. Today, I'm a motion graphics designer, but my ultimate ambition is to make art my full-time occupation. Indeed, building a substantial social media following and gaining recognition typically begins much earlier in life. However, every journey has its starting point, and while I'm not starting from scratch, time only moves in one direction. My commitment to art is unwavering, and from this point forward, I'm determined to take the necessary steps to attract attention, gather followers, establish an online shop, and more, all with the goal of supporting myself through my art. It's a new frontier, and there's plenty to learn, but I firmly believe that even an old dog can learn new tricks, and that's precisely what I intend to do.

In the past 10 years I have been in many shows with my video and paintings. Shows in New York, Berlin, Paris, Moscow, Hong Kong, São Paulo, and 45 others. Notable are the 10th Annual Boston Underground Film Festival, Manif d’Art 4, Biennale of Québec, Canada, and the 43rd annual Spakasse Kunstpreis which takes place near where I live now in Frankfurt Germany.

I do feel very lucky, I consider myself fortunate to have experienced a wide spectrum of life's experiences, both positive and challenging. Every twist and turn has contributed to where I find myself today, and today is a remarkable place to be.

Here's to chasing dreams and embracing the future. Wish me luck! 🎨 ;)


2017, oil on canvas, 140 x 100cm (47” x 31,1/4” )

This painting draws inspiration from Frankfurt's 'Bahnhofsviertel' or train station quarter, a locale characterized by American fast food, speedy trains, and a bustling atmosphere. Situated next to the Red Light District, the area with many brothels, exudes an impression of instant gratification. The collage-style approach, featuring juxtaposed elements, has long been a recurring motif in my paintings and video creations, offering a glimpse into a world marked by dysfunction.

Anthony Siarkiewicz

IG: @siarkiewicza

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