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Mother Nature - my biggest inspiration

I was born and raised in Germany and started exploring the world at a young age. Coming from a conservative family background it was out of question to become an artist. But I was allowed to take courses in art, to attend workshops and to learn the secrets of watercoloring from a local artist. I got my first watercolor set to my 14 th birthday. Being creative was a huge part in my life and I never gave it up, even during becoming a doctor and specializing I would draw and sketch.

In 2012 I had to face a series of operations and I decided to take my graphic pens and my sketchbook to the hospital. They literally saved me and I was very much surprised about the bright colored paintings which I used later for illustrating my own book about this time. From then on I decided to go public with my art, to show who I am, to show my deep connection to Mother Nature and the spiritual side of me. My spiritual voyage started as a child and it is still going on. I can visualize who I am. I paint from my soul, do not sketch much. My hand is painting and I am following the creative process which is coming out of me.

Many trips to India inspired me to do a series on Lord Ganesha, the elefant god and remover of obstacles. He can be seen in uncountable places all over India and I was attracted to him since being a little girl. Mother Nature is one of my biggest inspirations. Her beauty and richness of colors and shapes are the start for many paintings. Spending time outdoors helps me to get grounded and connected. Our creator gave us creativity as the biggest present and I am grateful to be able to be creative and express who I am.

Antje Petershagen


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