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Magic in every painting

The artist tries to create a miracle, mainly for himself. And he rejoices like a little child if it succeeds. As a child, I admired my mother's painted works. At that time there were no computers and colorful drawings with watercolors or pencils seemed very interesting. I wonder how it can draw a river, people, flowers, and trees.

In the early nineties, I studied painting, drawing composition, also exhibited at exhibitions, then I worked for many years in book publishing houses - as a layout designer and artist. I had stopped painting. Four years ago, I found my old wooden box of oil paints and a palette - I smelled linseed oil and turpentine. And the love for painting blossomed again in my soul. I slowly started painting again.

One of the French Impressionists had said that painting is very jealous. Don't let him down. After that, it is difficult to restore the relationship.

It seems to me that real life is unengaging and boring, so individual activity and expression are necessary. Of course, this is a time-consuming and expensive pleasure.

When painting, I use several layers, and smears, because I like the combination with a pasty layer of oil paint. Oil drops give depth give some depth to the painting. That's why I rarely choose acrylic paints, even though it dries quickly.

I guess I'm not a mature person, because - I still like to do what I did when I was a child - I draw, paint and I still wonder about it.

I have a painting colleague from America on Instagram and Facebook. I liked her slogan posted on her Instagram - "Buy art now, while the artist is alive - because he needs the funds now, not after his death, as has happened in history so far."

Inspiration is to be found, it comes at work, from oneself. I won't say that he visits me very often, but it is in accordance with my painting speed and needs. I paint slowly because oil paints take a long time to dry. It makes me impatient, so lately I've been painting several paintings at once. While one dries, I work on the other.

The subject of the paintings is different. Similar to the play, each has its own actor and libretto.

Of course, music and visual arts give their impression. Paintings created by artists of previous generations seem engaging and interesting. The inspiration that painters had in the past impressed me.

I look, like clothing fashion. It reflects the thinking, traditions, canons of the relevant time and at the same time all the new trends that will come in the future. There are paintings where I found the clothes by studying the photographs and styles of the relevant time. However, there are paintings where clothing is of great importance because the idea of why the painting was created in the first place is more important.

Some paintings have fairy-tale characters - an illusion. However, it could be a reality - in which life's difficulties and joys are intertwined with dreams, fantasies, and illusions. A real person or a prototype is represented as an image. It is something ephemeral - only characteristic of that moment, which cannot be repeated again.

My works are thematically different but seem similar in style and manner. There are periods in which ideas and images of one category appear. It's like one painting doesn't say everything and another painting needs to be created. Basically, everything is determined by the image. In painting, it is more important to show an idea. Work results in style - which is secondary, however.

Each painting is like an invitation - to see something compelling in the gray everyday life. Dreams, mysticism, longings of the soul, and certain magic can be seen in every painting.

Now I'm painting in the same rhythm as I always do. Everything is based on work, of course, it is good if there is inspiration. Not always everything works out perfectly, you have to remove the old paint and repaint. But I like this process because it belongs to painting. I always want to create better, more precisely, and more professionally, I am learning all the time. And it is a great pleasure when I see it in the last paintings.

An artist is like a ray of water in which the surrounding world is reflected. In its entire range of colors.

Trust and faith in God, as the source of all good, is always of great importance in my life. Life is a path along which we walk and learn. I don't know what the endpoint will be, but the main thing is this path.

My work can be viewed:

Ilgonis Rinkis


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