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In Search of Meaning

Interview with the artist:

Q: What experience has had a significant impact on your artistic journey as a self-taught visual artist? A: My artistic journey has been profoundly enriched by my experience working with visually impaired and blind children. I had the privilege of enabling them to “see with their hands” by exploring textures, materials, and reliefs.

Q: How would you describe your artistic universe? A: I am a visual artist creating tableau-sculptures, shedding light on everyday objects that have lost their allure. I enjoy repurposing and recycling them while exploring different materials such as textiles, plastics, and blister packs. Q: Can you tell us about the creative process behind your artworks? A: My creative process is an introspective journey. I deliberately conceal the identity of the objects I use, gradually revealing them to provoke reflections on consumption and our relationship with materials. Moments of doubt drive me to seek deeper meaning in my art and explore new creative paths. Q: How do you cope with moments of doubt and rediscover your inspiration? A: When doubt sets in, I reconnect with my inner child and the pure joy of creation. Immersing myself in the materials rekindles inspiration, leading me to explore uncharted paths with enthusiasm and determination. Q: We noticed that your work also aims to raise ecological awareness. Why is this important to you? A: Indeed, ecological awareness is an essential aspect of my artistic approach. I want my creations to encourage a reevaluation of our connection to materials, promote recycling, and give everyday objects a second life. Art can be a powerful means of ecological consciousness-raising.

Description :

“Hypocondriac Unicorn” is a sculpture-painting » created using blisters. This artwork delves into the concepts of relief and texture, while shedding light on the issue of medication overconsumption and non-recyclable blisters.

The explosive and vibrant color palette reminiscent of Jackson Pollock’s style adds a dynamic element to the piece. The thoughtful arrangement of the blisters in the initial assembly is followed by an explosion of colors, symbolizing good vibes and letting go. This juxtaposition seeks to reconcile the joy and creative energy with the subject matter of recycling and medication overconsumption. “Hypocondriac Unicorn” prompts contemplation of our relationship with excessive medication consumption, while expressing a desire to bring joy and creative energy through artistic representation. It serves as a visual stimulus that encourages awareness and reflection.

Fb: Laetitiademeyer LDM

IG: @laetitiademeyer_ldm

Laetitia De Meyer


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