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If you dream it, DO IT!!!!

Art had played a large, healing part in my life even if luck has turned its back on me but everytime i rise up again and again. I was born in 1976 in Italy and was a child whose childhood was stolen in the worst way, i was a little girl who fought against anorexia and who always had to fend for everything on her own, i was a young woman who fought for 13 years against an abusive ex-husband and all his abuse, mental and phisical.... but i just wanted to live quietly and paint.

At 8, I lost my mom, and at 9 I was raped, abused, and experienced many bad things while I just wanted to live in my woods. I started fighting the war for survival between many problems. The best gift, given by my father who was an Italian-American decorator , were simple coloured pencils. Those pencils saved my life. I’ve always been an extremely shy person and drawing and painting was my way of ‘talking’: my ‘safe house’ from wickedness and bad things. Every time I felt I was done living, I’d find a pencil and paper and draw. When I didn’t have the money for even one colour, I crushed a flower, a leaf and a brick, mixed them with water to make watercolours, and drew.

Creating something that could make another person happy gave me a piece of energy. I understood that the gift that was given to me couldn’t die with me, but that it had to be cultivated. And that – I – saved my life so many times.

I need it to be alive..Because of all this that I started to "listen, see and feel" the signs that were sent to me whenever I thought I was taking my own life, overwhelmed by pain and fatigue, I have spoken for whole nights to the moon asking for a little relief and tranquility and I learned that an animal, a tree or whatever, will never betray you and never hurt you out of malice, but feel your pain and try to relieve it. You have to learn to listen and have a huge respect for nature in general, it's our house, it speaks to us in its own way and helps us. Perceiving all this, persevering in my work as a painter and tattoo artist, fighting hundreds of wars against a still male-dominated world, I start collected huge job satisfactions. I graduated with full marks in 2001 at the Albertina Academy of Fine Arts in Turin, Italy. Meanwhile my love for art and the predisposition for freehand drawing opened the doors to the world of tattooing.

After the difficulties with the old Italian tattoo studios, dull and unwilling to teach and interested in me only because I was a joung woman, I moved to Switzerland and as an apprentice ,began to travel and tattoo.

In 2007 I opened the Lilith Divine Tattoo Shop and soon after I started exhibiting my oil paintings in collective exhibitions. When the curator of one exhibition in 2014 saw my paintings (with many red strokes representing blood), they asked me if I had ‘softer’ works. I explained to him, with difficulty, that blood is not only death, but it is what makes a body alive! And in the end, I happily exhibited my works.

In 2017 together with my love, we opened the "MADNESS CIRCUS TATTOO SHOP & CREATIVE ART LAB. It’s very hard to survive just by art, but this is my life and every day I will fight to breathe my victory. I hope that my words can help many young female artists overcome by problems and much more, to continue to hold on. One last thing: we should go back to lying down on a lawn to have fun instead of going on Facebook. Learn how to grow a plant inside a pot and take care of a living creature instead of playing with the Happy Farm app. rediscover who you really are. With real friends and real life. And distance yourself from followers, filters, false images, and everything that is just stupid appearance. My website: Write me and follow always your dreams!!!!!!

Lilith Divine

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