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I Am AcrylicFunk.

My Name is Derick Kurtz also known as AcrylicFunk. I'm originally from Ft. Collins, Colorado, now residing in the Tampa Bay area, bringing my fresh acrylicfunk style to the gulf coast of Florida.

I have been an artist my whole life, ever since I was a kid creating has been the best gift I could have received expressing what is on my mind for people to visualize, feel, connect, and embrace their emotions.

I have battled with type 1 diabetes since early childhood and have gone through some incredibly frightening experiences as a result. In October 2005 my world changed, I went nearly blind due to diabetic retinopathy. As an artist, losing my sight should have been devastating. Not being able to paint was heartbreaking not only for me but for my family. My parents, sister, friends never let me quit. I used super bright colors and kept trying to paint to keep my spirits up staying positive and hoping for the best. After countless surgeries, I gained my vision back slowly, and started creating even harder than before.

After a few years I eventually moved to Huntington Beach California, and met my good friend Zoey Stevens who was the art director for Disney. Zoey pushed my creativity to my limits and shortly after I created my own unique style called AcrylicFunk. Throughout the years of perfecting my acrylicfunk style I have been in galleries, art shows, magazines, I have also been recognized as a National and International artist, with my last virtual show in London. and I'm not stopping there. I have big goals to reach.

So what is AcrylicFunk you ask? It's Loud, bright, funky, full of life, sexy, it puts you in a place of peace and excitement with all the stellar layers and techniques I use, and it's all done by hand with acrylic. Music is a huge part of my visions, feeling the music as I create,drum and bass is my music of choice, the deep vibes and bass puts me into another world with my art. I'm always pushing the boundaries of my creative mind. I get an idea and I gotta paint it and share it with the world, you are exceptional when you master your talent. To all my fellow creators, keep pushing the boundaries of yourself, find that inner creativity and share it. Thank you for reading about me and Acrylicfunk I truly appreciate it.

Please visit my site and my Instagram @derickkurtzacrylicfunk & @acrylicfunkart

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