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Four dimensional way of thinking expressed through art

Mr. Shimada's painting was asked, "I wonder if it will be evaluated in the future!" I couldn't answer right away, but after a while I said, "I like my job, so I don't need to be evaluated."

I answered, but I was told that it was boring. I kept silent for a while, but said, "You can draw a new picture that doesn't exist in the world, even if the price doesn't go up or you don't evaluate it." However, I had no idea. I started studying abstract painting right away and was able to abstract objects and simplify colors, but it didn't work. I groped in the dark.

When I was in high school, I thought I was good at abstract painting, but unfortunately I couldn't come up with a good idea.

There, I learned the basics of painting at Musashino Art University Junior College, but unfortunately I didn't learn anything. That is because I was able to know everything from experience. Looking back, when I took the university entrance exam, the university was closed due to a long-term fight, and I couldn't even take the exam. However, on a sketch trip by a paint maker, I met three semi-professional painters, met them, formed a team of four, and went on a sketch trip together. This was the basis of a fruitful Western-style painter. However, only a part of them learned the basics of real oil painting. Even if I learned the technique of drawing, I could only learn the important problems of canvas by myself. I think the real foundation was established around the 1940s. As a result of hard work, I became a full-fledged artist, but I am not satisfied as it is. How can I learn abstract painting? What if I was thinking about learning philosophy from an acquaintance? They said.

I immediately transferred to Keio University. I majored in philosophy, but that was all, so it was only a frustration.

I wasn't very interested in it, but I took an introductory lecture on social sciences. After a few lectures, I was surprised at him. It was possible to plan the process from his system theory to the formation of artistic expression. It's all about learning by theory,

I am grateful that I have neither knowledge nor talent. At the recommendation of the professor, in many books, what is art? I learned.

The professor kindly taught me for two years (I dropped out because I couldn't pay the tuition fee and couldn't work) and introduced me to an excellent student. However, I announced about 10 solo exhibitions, but since there is no talk, this is the last. Appeared when announcing a solo exhibition. Now it is my sponsor company.

Although it is an art study, considering the system theory, it was necessary to study the phenomenology of philosophy, and I read Husserl's phenomenology at the library, but I could not understand it at all. That's why I read High Decker and thought it was easy to understand, so I read it three times. I understand Husserl. However, I thought there might be a problem with Heidecker's personal thoughts, so I read about 10 books on philosophy. Therefore, what they had in common was the importance of a four-dimensional way of thinking that "expresses time and space." I continued my research.

It became the basis of modern four-dimensional art. With this idea, I've been producing for years.

The experimental results of the properties of neutrinos in cosmic quantum theory were announced, and it became important to understand their importance and transmit them like waves as an expression method. This wave-like expression greatly contributed to the appearance of other objects. Therefore, the artistic expression of waves is indispensable.

In addition, through research on plant ecology, I learned the essence of randomly growing organisms and combined them to arrive at a "picture of thought."

Recently I learned that it is the same mechanism as human cells in her. Isn't IPS cell research the same as phenomenology and neutrino theory?

Philosophy, quantum mechanics, and biological theory turned out to be the same. My goal is to "become an art for the viewer and at the same time be an energy source for the power to live", and I am convinced that this art theory is genuine. I thought, "Become a lifelong friend of the viewer."

I conclude that my job is to "break away from the style of painting that exists in modern society."

Currently artconnect is on the list of upgrades and artists, so I've been working on the list for about two and a half months. The economy is tough, but I will do my best.

Isamu Shimada                    

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