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Exploring balance between allure and unease

Interview with Sasha Lynn Roberts

1.      Please tell us something about your background and your art journey so far.

Sasha Lynn Roberts is a rising star in the world of digital art, calling Brooklyn, NY home. A gifted black woman, she honed her craft at prestigious institutions such as NYU TISCH and HUNTER College, seamlessly blending her expertise in code with design principles. Remarkably, she completed her Bachelor's degree in a mere two years, culminating her academic journey at the age of 19. Roberts' artistic journey began to garner attention early on. At just 13 years old, her charcoal portraits graced the halls of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. This was only the beginning, as she returned to the MET in 2019 with a striking conté crayon self-portrait.

Her talents continued to shine in public exhibitions, notably in the acclaimed "Whistling In the Dark" by Save Art Space, where her work adorned a Brooklyn billboard for a year. Later, her pieces found a home at the esteemed Six Summit Gallery in Times Square's Port Authority Terminal. Recognition for Roberts' innovative fusion of technology and artistry continued to grow. In 2022, she received an honorable mention at the International Technological Art Awards, distinguishing her as a finalist among 836 entries spanning 72 countries. That same year, her work graced public spaces during the Gowanus Art Walk and the 2022 Art Hearts Fashion New York Fashion Week show, curated by Leo Feroleto. The following year, Roberts contributed to The Flag Project at Rockefeller Center, aligning her art with the United Nations Climate Justice Initiative. Her latest triumph came as a featured artist at the prestigious 2024 New York Fashion Week, hosted at the Angel Orensanz Foundation. Beyond accolades and exhibitions, Roberts' work has resonated deeply with audiences and fellow artists alike. Her pieces have been praised by luminaries such as Kanye West and showcased in esteemed publications including Salty Magazine, Reclamation Magazine, Genre: Urban Arts, and Ebony Tomatoes Collective—platforms dedicated to amplifying marginalized voices.

2.      Can you tell us more about the theme in your art and your inspiration?

I hope to create striking pieces that initially captivate with their vibrant colors and lively compositions. However, with a closer look, subtle, unsettling details emerge, weaving a narrative that challenges the audience’s perceptions. By juxtaposing beauty with elements of discomfort, I aim to provoke introspection and stir emotions that linger long after your first impression. Each painting is meticulously crafted to maintain a delicate balance between allure and unease. Whether it's a creepy scene adorned with cutesy characters or a serene landscape interrupted by ominous figures lurking in the shadows, my intention is to prompt viewers to question the dichotomy between aesthetic appeal and underlying tension.


3.      How does your art life impact other parts of your life?

Art has profoundly influenced my life, enhancing my creativity and precision in all areas. Working at Splashlight Studios sharpens my professional skills, while crocheting provides a meditative balance, fostering my patience and attention to intricate detail. I’m also incredibly into body art and piercings! Tattooing allows me to blend personal expression with technical artistry, making every piece a unique extension of myself.


4.      Tell us about your best experience in the art world so far.

My best experience in the art world so far was attending the Spring 2024 NYFW Art Hearts Fashion show, curated by Leo Feroleto, where my work was showcased. It was an incredible honor to see my creations on display at such a prestigious event. The energy and creativity of the fashion world were inspiring, and the opportunity to connect with other talented artists and industry professionals was unforgettable. It was a validating and motivating moment in my career.

5.      What are you working on at the moment and are there any upcoming events you would like to talk about?

I’m currently working on a project called Afrofuturism, an innovative digital art exhibit that seamlessly blends the rich cultural heritage of African American art with technology, envisioning a future where culture meets innovation. In this project, we present a collaborative endeavor between visionary artists, videographers, coders, and VFX artists, converging their talents to create an immersive and interactive online experience. Inspired by the Afrofuturist movement, which reimagines the future through the lens of Black culture and history, this exhibit explores the endless possibilities of storytelling, creativity, and technological advancement. My goal is to release this project August 1st 2024, and it will be accessible to everyone- although donations are appreciated. In the meantime, you can keep up with my works in progress on instagram!

IG: @sasheisty


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