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Enriched by the magic of geometry

Almost everything in the universe can be measured by numbers. How fascinating it is that we are surrounded by geometrical shapes. From the circles that come out from the waves to the striking lines of frequencies. That's how I see with my imagination, shapes and lines that connect all. My paintings tell stories of love, unity, science, consciousness.

To enchant the viewer I apply the colours countless times to achieve the transmission of

energy and with the precision of the lines to enrich the brain with geometry. And these are all the inspirations that fill up my heart and mind.

The Moon, The Sun and their effect over everything. The Stars and Constellations.

Mechanics of Creation. Reincarnation. How time is timeless and relative. Quantum Mechanics, especially the Einstein said ‘spooky action at a distance’, such an empowering discovery for human kind. How all things are connected through invisible threads of energy waves and vibrations. The Egyptians and their wicked architecture. Their geometry and wisdom, the vibrant colours and patterns of Africa.

I also love paint about the soul, through transitions and rebirth, mighty hearts full of love and strength. The brain connections. Power and Evolution. Magic places with Temples for the Soul. With knowledge comes creativity, the more you know the better your imagination gets. Everything can be interpreted in numbers. There are an infinite number of ideas in my mind. There is never enough time to create.

My favourite working materials are acrylic on canvas or acrylic on walls, rulers, compass are a must for the preparation of the designs. It's exciting when I find myself face to face with a blank canvas or wall. Then the process starts, first the geometry and after comes the colours which will determine what the painting will tell about.

Muralism is something that I enjoy very much. The sensation of painting on the street is very special. Knowing that your work will soon be covered but still having to do something good and meaningful in just 8 hours, that's a real challenge for me. I truly admire street artists and their ability to use spray cans like magic wands. The first time I did street art was an

invitation by the amazing Apparan, founder of Art House Project London. I am a member of this association and also Wom Collective, a collective of super talented woman street artists. My next exhibition will be ‘Goddesses of the Future’ at the end of October with Wom Collective. First time I will be exhibiting an NFT and also some physical work. Twelve artists inspired by a vision of a future reign by women in a magical gallery space in London.

During September 21 I had the pleasure to show my art in London Fashion Week, what an experience and the collections were stunning, music for the eyes.

Another project coming soon is my participation in a book of art and poetry, a Homage to Homer Odyssey. This will be published before christmas.

I will be exhibiting 3 of my latest works at Virtual Artist Winter Exhibition, and interactive 3D virtual gallery experience. The most amazing event that my art has ever been was in October 2015 when my painting ‘The Effects of The Moon on the Open Sea was selected by NASA to be projected over the Moon surface during International Observe the Moon Night, IOM 2015. That was an amazing experience and an unforgettable achievement.

Lately I have been trying to figure out how to create and process my designs with digital arts and most recently video editing. I am amazed how many different creations can be designed out of one sketch. Some designs will look awesome for interior design, fabrics, mosaic, wallpapers, geometric mandalas with golden threads. I keep imagining how spaces will look with my creations. In the meantime I will keep painting and using mixed media to create a Geometrical Universe of things that we know but we have never seen this way before.

I believe that in life you get what you give. My art is infused with energy, love, knowledge

and balance. My purpose is to show the beauty of things, the matrix, the code. You can't be negative or ugly when you use geometry, there is only one way, which is enlightenment.

Maria Linares Freire

IG: @marialinaresfreire

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