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Elevation of the female figure

Lena Silva – I am a self-taught artist. I describe my artwork as modern contemporary, between portraiture, expressionism and figurative. I am most blessed to be able to express myself through two areas of art, one being on the medical/nursing grounds and the other being my profound passion for art. I am also a proud mother of 3 beautiful young artists. Through my academic studies I have achieved a BSc in Adult Health and Social Sciences, anatomy, and physiology of human bodies which I consider another form of Art (Leonardo Da Vinci would have agreed with me). Through my love of arts, deep desire to discover and continuously explore my skills, believing in future artists and understanding the journey struggles, I have decided to become a patron to The Florence Academy of Arts.

My journey started back in the north of Portugal where I was born. I have been creating as far back as from a young toddler age. I come from a family of artists, marble sculpturing, classic flute musician, health sciences therapist and ballet. As a young child I remember being fascinated by cultural arts back in Portugal, such as the most beautiful hand painted tiles retelling history on fabulous historic monument buildings. The contrast of the traditional white and blue sea colours has always captured my attention as a child. I recall memories of entering historical buildings with renaissance art, admiring its details and marvellous aged unique colours. Human beings have been discussing colours for centuries in the artworld, it does not exist as an unprecedented topic. Through centuries and art world changes, colour have become the representatives of our intangible feelings. In a digital era, colours might be fraudulent, a marketing material even a trend.

To me, colour represents energy, this could be through a palette of a plethora of vibrant colours or the simplicity of one single colour. Colour is also highly associated with scientific research and its impact on our neurological systems. I have a great passion for renaissance art and the sentiments it raises on the observer admiring it, followed by the focus it implies to appreciate its detail and how it relates to its unique period of arts colours transcending life out of the canvas. It is stated that through this period of arts colours denoted different emotions, such as red being excitement and intensity, yellow symbolizing joy, blue reflecting peace and tranquillity. Colours are the true spaces’ inhabitants because they interact with our body and mind and have a real emotive power on our mankind.

When I conceive a new project, I find my inspiration in human being that surrounds me. At times I develop in my mind a preconceived idea that I let it sit in my thoughts till I can project it to the white canvas, as much as thus often I have no idea what will flow out of my hands. I love having versatility to explore and grow through experimenting different skills and styles, different materials. Currently my most chosen material to work with is oils. I strongly believe that our mortality and finite experiences of life can create a deeper motivation to explore and experiment with new processes, which I thoroughly find to be most uplifting than being stuck to a one technique or style. My art is my open gate to express myself in ways that I wouldn’t otherwise, I can be whom I wish or not wish to be. I can be many different faces, characters, display sentiments of sadness, joy, be real as much as insincere. A journey for ourselves, through discovery and some form of enrichment, freedom of creativity with the aim of creating a relationship with the spectator.

I aim to elevate female figure and role in our world and society. Through my work I invite the spectator to reconnect with oneself, evoke a momentum of reflection leading ultimately to memories of life experiences that may or may not be of joyous events, a gate to rebirth and self-healing. My work I would perhaps also describe as my own hypostasis. We are all on a journey!

Notably, my artwork has been part of international exhibitions and art fairs. Awarded in 2021 an artist merit of Contemporary Art Excellence in Italy – Palermo as well 3 consecutive years awarded a Certificate of Artistic Merit by the Luxembourg art prize. Furthermore, my works have appeared in British publications such as Tatler, St John’s Wood Life, BBC Proms, Hampstead Life, Artist Talk and Boomer Art Magazine. Recently, selected artist of the week by Tebbs Gallery, UK, online. I have also had the pleasure to collaborate with international publications such as The House and Israeli Art Market magazines. Currently, exhibiting at the trendy Boomer Gallery, UK and preparing for further exhibitions.

Instagram: @leanartsilva

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