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Alice Danelian is a 21 year old artist whose journey began 3 years ago. Of course, she did art her whole life, but this is what her career has led to.

While trying various techniques and forms of art, Alice focused on a mixed media, as this area has the most freedom in its manifestation. Many works are also products of digital art, her style can be described as mad, honest, frank and audacious. In addition, the works put much emphasis on the feminine body and the theme of taking its forms, for they are all beautiful. She is not afraid of condemnation or misunderstanding of her works, so each idea is a full reflection of the artist’s thought. In the beginning there was a lot of misunderstanding on the part of friends and relatives, why she does it at all and why it looks like this, but it didn’t make her stop and gave her more confidence to move on and reach new goals.

According to the artist, in addition to not being accepted at the first time, the same complex fact is the absence of his team, with this for sure many artists faced. The creative journey is really a very difficult process and it’s always good if you have someone to support you on a difficult day, after all, no one is safe from creative crises and lack of confidence in their work. Alice began to get the calling and collaborate with other artists and brands about 2 years ago and then it became much easier to move on, because she knew what she was doing and she got acceptance from society.

Alice moved from her small town to the megapolis at the age of 19 and although it was scary, she didn’t give up and started reaching out to all brands’ offers to cooperate and that’s how she got the first connections and projects in the industry. That’s why the main motto is the phrase "go where it is scary". That’s where you’ll find your main targets and take it to the next level.

One of the projects we’d like to talk about is the "bubblegum dress", a work in which you can accurately trace the style of Alice, a reminder of global problems. The gum here speaks of the correctness of the decision of the culture of recycled things and asks for an increased level of attention to the environment, because here is an artist in a dress of gum, and on the other side of the world, that gum was the last breath of life for a bird or other small animals, and if we don’t want this to continue, we need to pay attention to it. I hope you were interested in getting to know a little part of that big history.

Instagram @wowthisisalicee

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