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CesarOne.SNC, on a mission since 1999

Hello readers of the Goddessarts magazine!

My artist name is CesarOne.SNC, I am coming from Frankfurt/Main, Germany. I am proud and happy that the Goddessarts magazine gives me the opportunity to present my art. Since 1999, I am doing Graffiti and Streetart. Since approximately 2013, I am regularly spraying puppets and from year to year, I could improve my skills in doing letters and puppets. Before 2013, I did mostly Graffiti styles (=letters). I travelled to a lot of countries and my influences differ, I got inspired by a lot of artists all over the world but mostly I got my influences and my motivation from the train line in the Frankfurt area with the Graffitis by oldschool Graffiti artists.

Now sth to my hardships but also to my success: Since my Graffiti style is very uncommon, I did not have very much opportunities to present my art in magazines, but since I do puppets, I got more and more chances to present them in Graffiti magazines. So, magazines and books from New York/USA, Poland, UK and Germany published my photos and my interviews.

I want to thank the friends from my crew (=art collective); especially Krizla (my mentor), Mind21, Koma and Tor for supporting me and my art during the years and keeping me company. Also, I want to thank Kent Klark for being one of my mentors. Greetings to Yours, Siam, Mies, Perso, Persu, Fukue, Mainstyle-Jörg, Dosenstyle-Jörg, Kai from Colors of my Passion, Andrea from the Fankyzine magazine, Krixl, Snik, Jeroo and everyone who I have forgotten. RIP King Harry!


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