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Artist with a Dream

Originally I come from Poland. I was 2 years old when we moved to Scotland and after a while we ended up in Hertfordshire, England. I love living here, although miss my Polish family. I've got two siblings. Little brother Jacek and sister Helena. They quite often provide me with new ideas! My love to art came gradually from when I was very little. I was late in speech and so, quite often expressed myself in drawings, which were very detailed.

When did I start to paint?

I was 10 when I've found out that one of the teachers from my primary school was very unwell. I remembered that she always loved my drawings, especially a very detailed wasp sketch (for a 5 or 6 year old that was a great achievement). Having that in mind I thought that I'd try to paint something special for her. She loved it, in fact every teacher at school did and so commissions started to come and I started to sell my work.

Unfortunately, just the day before my first event, the teacher for who I painted my first 'serious' painting, died of cancer. Her parents and colleagues (teachers) support me a lot and follow my every step. I'm really grateful for that.

After some time my parents decided to set up social media for me so that other people can see and perhaps buy my work. That's how the newspapers found out about me. I've already been in quite a few press articles. There is one local paper which has written two pages about me.

I've done many events like fairs and joint exhibitions but also I've had solo exhibitions.

I love joining KidzFair events (it is an organisation for young entrepreneurs- They give me confidence and teach me allot about entrepreneurship. They really helped me start.

One of my best achievements was to get a submission confirmation from a local gallery to have all my work submitted. Judges when choosing did not know that I am only a child. I loved their faces when they realised that my work is from me.

The money which I get from sales I try to save, possibly for studying art. But I invest in materials needed to create too. My parents pay for my art lessons.

I am very thankful for the people which follow me and support in any way. They give me a boost to achieve my dream of becoming a famous artist.

I love bringing smiles with my art and I love sending messages through my paintings. In fact some of my paintings have literally hidden happy faces!

It may be worth to mention that I'm proud that I've supported many charities by donating my work so that they can put them in raffles and raise money for great causes. Some of them are cancer charities.

One of my favourite painting is by Vincent Van Gogh - Two crabs. That painting was my inspiration to create one of my first comissioned paintings.

I'm still looking for my favourite style of creating and I find myself comfortable with abstract art but also I love painting space and sea creatures which are very inspiring for me as it is so hard to reach and explore them. When thinking about it, it's hard to take in the fact that only a small percentage is discovered and that's why my imagination gets carried away as I can paint anything I think of as anything can be found out there.

You can find me on social media and support me:

Facebook: Marcel Daniluk Art

Instagram: danilukmarcel


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