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Art is my primary form of communication

When I was 9 years old my aunt gave me a paint-by-numbers set and I was hooked. It helped me to focus and provided a reprieve from some difficult childhood experiences. My love for art was validated at a young age when my work started receiving awards in primary school.

I knew that I wanted to go to college and major in art, but life took several twists and turns. I married at 19 and dropped out of college to support my young family by joining the military. Fortunately, art is everywhere, and I was able to leverage my art skills to become an illustrator for the Air Force. As my family grew, my primary focus became supporting my family. At times I worked two jobs and went to school at night. It was a really challenging period in my life. My number one solace was having my easel set up in a corner of a room. Months might go by without me being able to paint but just looking at my easel was inspiring. I left the Air Force after 4 years and soon after completed my BA and MA degrees. I worked as an illustrator and graphic designer and was able to work my way up to managing creative design departments before I decided to retired early. Today, instead of having an easel in the corner of the room, I have an art studio where I paint full-time. Each painting expresses something in me that I may not even be aware that it is there. It is therapy. It is healing. Art is my primary form of communication.

I am currently an Artist in Residence at the Crossroads Art Center in Richmond VA; Exhibiting Artist at the Art League in Alexandria VA; and am represented by the Mahlstedt Gallery/415NY in New Rochelle New York. I have exhibited in several juried shows across the country and have had my work published in many magazines. I sell both Giclee prints and originals on a fairly regular basis.

Troy Bunch

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