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A never ending quest for true meaning of enlightenment

Why is anything?

Three simple words, when put together creates the most profound question in the Universe and has launched a life long commitment to existential exploration in both my personal life and in my art.

As humans, it is our natural instinct to search for connection, order and reason; But, within a reality full of contradictions, inevitable changes, our ideologies can often be threatened, triggering disconnect, hatred and violence in our world.

Generational fears with a lack of empathy or acceptance has unfortunately resulted in an alienated, fear based society, setting back the progression of our species throughout history.

From a young age, understanding the important role art has played in the education of our world and the positive impact it’s been for my personal growth, I have gained a sense of purpose with the idea of contributing to the evolutionary progression of our human consciousness through creative action.

The work I create largely caters to a never ending quest for true meaning of enlightenment.

In an attempt to influence psychological reactions and encourage understanding, I often use, “alien- like,” beings and a variety of intentional color palettes with visually-Intriguing compositions to help communicate a non-traditional perspective of outdated societal philosophies and the assumptions of others.

The artistic process provides me space to exist between worlds that traverses separate states of reality that has become more of a need especially during times when I want to be and not be present simultaneously.

In my travels I find inspiration and the opportunity to meet myself during the various circumstantial spectrums life has to offer.

I feel, these unique experiences has allowed to not only analyze the alienated feelings within myself but also significantly expanded my awareness of an infinite realm of possibilities that I can share gained wisdom from,“The Other Side”.

Heike Blakley


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