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A journey through space and time

„In resonance“ to me means a lot. Above all it means to be open for possibilities in life. I stopped planning somehow twenty years ago. Instead I use all my senses to perceive the next step.

At the age of twenty I wanted to become an actress singing, dancing and acting on stage. I hold a degree in that. Which actually makes me smile, cause I hate degrees. They don’t tell you anything about the real capacities of a human being. To me they are just the easy way of putting people into boxes. I never wanted to be boxed. The only visual art contact was collecting postcards from Edgar Degas, Picasso and Paul Gaugin, which is actually a very interesting collection when I look at it 39 years later. Degas showed me his Ballet class versions which I really adored. Picasso I loved for his child with the dove and Gaugin touched my heart with his colorful sceneries of women on distant islands.

As a woman I have spent most of my lifetime trying to be heard and seen. As an individual I had all ears for my family and friends and colleagues. As an artist I went through years of trying to find the right key to my personal expression and what really defines me. I worked as a trainer in various fields, teaching dance and creative expression. My students varied throughout the years. Kids, adults, therapists, singers, actors, refugees filled my classes with joy. We all learned together. Through that I gained a lot of experience dealing with people. Curiosity was always a very good companion. It led me to understand my sensitivity which in the long run sharpened my ability to perceive energy fields well. I always tried to look behind the scenery. There is always something behind the „front door“ or the „window display“. One day I visited an art exhibition and started to sense into every painting I saw. It felt like an excursion into different worlds. So the idea was born that the painting is a blueprint of the artist and his world. Years later, after some eye opening classes of systemic energetics I had the urge to create some artworks myself. It almost forced the marker into my hand. So I did. I wanted to dive into Mozart and Bach and Vivaldi and Händel and Hendrix, which was quite a blast, and other classical composers. So I went into resonance with their music and all that is behind and became the field which drew itself.

Curiosity again had me try out a lot of other subjects. Like the energy field of Picasso and his work or Egon Schiele, or the French Revolution, or all the planets of our sun system plus the sun itself and and and… Very often the subjects find me and not the other way round. It happens that all of a sudden I have to think about something intensively. It feels like a calling:“Please look at me“. Then I feel into it and get a certain movement pattern. This is the initiation. I start with this line pattern on canvas or paper and continue by letting the subject take over. I draw symbols without knowing its meaning and use colors that pop up. Mostly I work with markers and add acrylic colors working on larger fields. The mind has no space in this work, my subconscious does. When people ask about my aim with my art. I honestly have to say I don’t know. I simply love it when people are sensing what I create. When my art gives energy to larger spaces and small rooms. I love the endless possibilities my way of creating has to offer. It is, above all, always a journey through space and time.

Claudia Habringer

Website: Instagram: @claudia_habringer

Facebook: @claudia.habringer

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