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A journey of healing and transitioning from the ego to the soul through painting

Over my whole painting career, my painting style has transitioned from semi figuratif to fully abstract. My art is based on the relationship between matter and light, between the physical  and the spiritual aspect of the human being.

Each painting is a quest  towards the inner world of the being and his connection to his soul.

I believe that art of all forms helps us connect with and heal ourselves, Art helps us in a way heal and releise those inner blockages that we have about ourseleves  that keeps us away from our heart, intuition and soul, therefore keeps us away from whom we really are.

The main theme of my art is to describe the human being in a state of transition from his mind to his heart and intuition, a transition from his ego to his soul.


In the begining of my artistic path, my paintings were influenced and guided by the mind, the ego with its fears, consious and unconsious beleives.  My paintings were a way for me to somehow let the mind and the ego (the false self) express itself through them.

As I practiced paintings over time, those inner blockages which were leading the way in the canvas started to slowly melt away. As I started get to know myself on a deeper level,  I started to get in touch with that inner voice and inner guiding system within me.

 As I started to build a stronger connection with whom I really am, I learned to connect more with that inner voice within me, with my heart, intuition and soul: This new connection  became the leading way and my new guiding system while painting.

So instead on leaning on the horizental connection ( our ego and mind), I started to rely on the vertical connection ( inner guidance, body, intuition, heart and soul).

This vertical connection became my main guiding system and compass that I started the lean on while navigating the canvas, it became my guiding system on what forms and colors to choose, and what decision to make while working on the abstract style.

Instead of letting the mind lead once in a while, I learned to releise all inner resistance from the mind and slowly learn to rely on that inner voice and higher force withing me to lead the way. So, the SOUL became the main guiding system while painting.

This transition of painting style that I took through out my artistic path, represents the transition that happened within me through this whole process : A transition from the ego to the soul.


I believe that we live in a time where we need to start this transition whithin ourselves, a transition from our ego to our soul, from the horizental axis to the vertical one. Instead on relying completly on our mind, logic and ego ( the false self), we need to learn to connect more to our inner voice, our soul, to our own light within, that invisible divine part of us.

It is a transition that allows us to achieve complet union and alignement with whom he really are, which is unconditional love.

« Love is who we are. Love is where we come from. Love is our true home »  Mariem Bennani

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