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  • Aoccho

A journey from being a historian to pursuing a career in motion design

I'm Aoccho, I am a Motion Designer based in New York City, originally from Taiwan. Although I'm currently working in the art and design industry and loving every moment of it, the beginning of my art journey can be considered a major turning point in my life.

Language, literature, and history are areas I'm deeply passionate about. That's why I pursued a degree in Japanese Language and Literature in college and aim to become a historian in the future (which reveals my bookish side!).

During my time researching history in Japan, I stumbled upon the term 'infographic.' This discovery was a major revelation for me because, in my line of work, I was contemplating if there was a way to make my research on historical maps, particularly those from the 17th century, more engaging and vivid in presentation. After all, relying solely on textual descriptions seemed rather limiting!

So, this 'infographic' concept opened up a whole new world for me, introducing the fascinating realms of animation and video. It was this revelation that led me to make a life-changing decision: transitioning from being a historian to pursuing a career in motion design.

Perhaps due to my past focus on being a historian, I had no knowledge or skills in art, design, or software. However, my motivation to learn motion design compelled me to start from scratch and immerse myself in anything related to it—software, knowledge, anything. I began by watching tutorials online, slowly absorbing and practicing on my own. Initially, it was a painful learning curve because my computer use was primarily for internet browsing and historical research papers. Suddenly diving into learning multiple software tools and their functionalities was like stepping into a whole new world. It was undeniably challenging for a beginner. Even after going through tutorials multiple times, I still felt like I only partially grasped the concepts. So, I had to push through and follow the tutorials, practicing relentlessly and dedicating time to gradually understand and improve.

Because I was entirely self-taught, I had doubts about my learning outcomes and wanted to explore alternative ways to comprehend motion graphics, ensuring that my self-guided path was on track. So, I began preparing my portfolio and was fortunate to be accepted into the SVA MFA Computer Arts program.

Although I entered art school to learn, I felt that the real challenge had just begun. During discussions with teachers and classmates on projects, I often found myself lacking in understanding specific jargon and background knowledge, hindering my immediate comprehension of the discussions. I had to ask questions and conduct research to catch up before I could contribute effectively. This continued even after graduation in professional settings. Apart from honing my technical skills, I've consistently sought to expand my knowledge in art and design, aiming to better understand the field.

After graduating, my first freelance job was a significant milestone—being chosen by Frank, a two-time Emmy Award winner, to collaborate on a project for Paul McCartney. This opportunity served as a tremendous encouragement and boost for my motion graphics career. Later, I also had the chance to work on installations for Jenny Holzer at 7 World Trade Center and an exhibition in Italy. Collaborating with these esteemed artists provided an incredibly inspiring learning experience, especially through the discussions and shared experiences. These encounters fueled my desire to delve deeper and excel in the field of art.

Recently, I started to engage in activities as an artist. Everything is still in its infancy, and I'm in a constant state of learning. I'm immensely grateful that my work was chosen by Goddess Magazine to be featured in Issue 11. As soon as it was released, I purchased a copy for my collection. This recognition serves as a great source of motivation and feedback. Currently, I'm actively submitting to various exhibitions, and I try to update exhibition information on my Instagram and website. If you get the chance, please visit one of my exhibitions! Of course, you can also view my work through my website or IG. Feel free to reach out through the contact details to share your feedback or simply to say hello!


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