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Open Calls

(Please read carefully through!)

General info about our open calls:

Everyone is welcome to apply, regardless of age, gender, background and we welcome artists in all states of their career and creative path.


IMPORTANT INFO: Always submit first (free submission) till we get back at you!

Always send your submission link (preferably) via wetransfer ( or a google drive link to:

DON'T send us your pictures via e-mail attachment! 

What we offer:

- Virtual group exhibitions & prizes

(also in combination with a magazine feature and an interview)

- Virtual solo exhibitions

- Magazine features & prizes

(solo feature, extensive 4-page or 6-page feature)

- Solo exhibitions

(also in combination with a magazine feature and an interview)

- Interviews

(also in combination with a virtual exhibition and a magazine feature)

- Grants (quarterly grant with several benefits)

- All accepted artists will automatically be considered as "selected artist"

and will receive extra promotion and shout-outs

You can always combine several options, eg. the virtual exhibition with a magazine feature and/or an interview. 

For more details and the submission process, please go to the relevant pages to find out more.


We are looking forward to your submissions and we are very happy and excited to get to know you and your art.

 Click on the images below to get to the open call pages:



Schau dir mein Canva-Design an..png
Schau dir mein Canva-Design an. (2).png
Schau dir mein Canva-Design an_.png

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Thank you!

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