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(Please read carefully through!)

Magazine + Blog Feature

(+ Permanent Online Exhibition)

We are looking for colorful, cheerful, empowering visual art (painting, mixed media, sculpture, digital, photography ...). Unfortunately, we cannot accept video.


Everyone is welcome to apply, regardless of age, gender, background and we welcome artists in all states of their career and creative path.

IMPORTANT INFO: You can always submit first (free submission) till we get back at you!

The magazine feature serves to introduce you to the readers and focusses on your artworks.

- send 6 of your best artworks in good quality and high res (300dpi min., approx. 3- 5 mb) in jpeg. format

- name your files: firstname_lastname_titleartwork

- send a statement max. 200 words

- describe 2 of your artworks in detail (meaning, process, inspiration), max. 150 words each

- include your links (social media/web)

- send the text as doc. file or include it into the body of the e-mail

- send your submission link (preferably) via wetransfer or a google drive link to:

- DON'T send us your pictures via e-mail attachment! 

The blog feature can be done any time and we will contact you.

Please make sure to pay the contribution fee of 25€ right after we accepted your submission. Otherwise your submission can unfortunately not be considered. 

Depending on how many people apply, we will feature you on 1 or 2 pages. We will also promote you on social media where you get at least 2 posts and 2 stories (on IG and FB).

6 artworks will get the chance to be in our permanent online exhibition!

The magazine will be published by the end of December/beginning of January.   

Deadline for the submissions: December 15


(+ permanent online exhibition)

As indicated, please send the above stated files to

Please make sure to contribute the submission fee of 20€ after we accepted your submission. Otherwise your submission can unfortunately not be considered. The small fee serves to cover the costs for website expenses and working time.

We will respond to you as soon as possible, but please refrain from making any unnecessary or repetitive contact. 

There will be no other or extra costs. If you are chosen you will be published in the online and print magazine and/or the blog and promoted on social media. 

We are looking forward to your submissions and we are very happy and excited to get to know you and your art.


Blog Feature

The blog serves to get to know you better and to give an honest account of your art journey, setbacks, success and experiences. If you do not feel comfortable sharing that please don't apply. 

- you only need to apply with your social media/web links

- after you have been chosen, we will need a text of approx. 700 words, one picture of you and your artwork or while you are creating art, up to 3 pictures of your artworks

- if you like you can choose the headline of your article, otherwise we will do that for you - so no worries!

Please make sure to contribute the submission fee of 10€ after we accepted your submission. Otherwise your submission can unfortunately not be considered. 

Your feature will also be promoted on social media with 2 posts and 2 stories on IG and FB.

Extensive 4 or 6 page feature option

+ blog feature + permanent online gallery:

We also offer to feature your art on 4 or 6 pages. If you wish to have an extensive freature, please contact us first, and submit your work (up to 15) artworks via a wetransfer or google drive link. All guidelines mentioned above apply equally. 

After the confirmation of your feature, please pay the submission fee below (4-page feature: 75 €, 6-page feature 95 €). 

Also important to know:

Your artwork will be part of our permanent online exhibition on the Goddessarts Magazine website.

We will also inform you when the magazine can be purchased for a reasonable price.

We are trying to include as many artists as we can, but please note that the spots in the magazine are limited as well as the blog feature spaces. 

Rejection does not mean that we did not like you or your work, but that we had to make a tough decision considering our capacity. You are very welcome to re-apply for our upcoming issues and blog features.


Depending on how many artists apply and on how far our expenses are covered, we will spend a share to charitable organisations we will indicate in the magazine.

Please note: submission fees are non-refundable!

By submitting you agree with our terms and conditions on this website.

Chose your options below and you will be forwarded to pay the amount stated OR pay via PayPal and send the amount to



Magazine + Blog Feature (+permanent online exhibition)  

25 €


Magazine (+permanent online exhibition) 

20 €


Blog feature

10 €


Extensive 4-page Magazine Feature + Blog  +permanent online exhibition 

75 €


Extensive 6-page Magazine Feature + Blog +permanent online exhibition 

95 €

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